Late Night Eats In Los Angeles

The majority of people in the United States are used to eating food after 8pm, but a small minority of people in Los Angeles are night owls. Fortunately, Los Angeles has some great restaurants that stay open late for both lunch and dinner. There are also many great bars and pubs that serve food late into the night. If you live or work near one of these places you’ll be able to satisfy your late night cravings on a regular basis without ever having to move far.

What to Have for Late Night Eats in Los Angeles?

Whether you’re just having cravings after a whole night of partying, or if you just randomly woke up and got a case of the midnight munchies, Los Angeles has some great places to get late night eats. Here is a list of some of the best places to eat after hours in Los Angeles:

Leo’s Taco Truck

This is a local favorite, and a must-visit if you’re into Spanish food and street food. Leo’s Tacos has a long line that goes across a massive parking lot on Sunset Boulevard, and for good reason. Leo’s taco truck is located at the corner of La Brea and Venice Boulevard and serves up one of the best tacos in the city. There are other taco trucks in Venice that make some of the best carne asada tacos in town. We wouldn’t throw these tacos out of our beds.

Leo’s Tacos runs the huge taco machines at their shop from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. on weekends and serves up some of the best tacos in Los Angeles. You’ll have to line up at any time; it doesn’t matter what time it is; so you should be ready to wait in line.

The Apple Pan

If you’re looking for a late night breakfast, The Apple Pan is the place to go. This all-day breakfast eatery is located in Cheviot Hills and serves up one of the best banana cream pies around.

The original Apple Pan opened on April 11, 1947 and has not had much changes since its heydays. It’s a place that has largely earned its place in legendary burger heaven. Make sure to try out their classic hickory burger if you’re itching for some heavy bites. Come pay your respects and enjoy a slice of yummy banana cream pie as you go. It stays open until late on weekends.

You can expect to wait in line for a while to get your hands on some of The Apple Pan’s delicious food. There are other places in the area that serve up good late night eats, but nothing compares to the quality of this Los Angeles classic, especially if you love the old school American diner look.

Canter’s Deli

There is absolutely no faster way to take a nice long nap after a brisk night out on the town than with a tasty pastrami sandwich and a hot cup of good matzo balls. When you leave, pick up a bag of the sweet treats that are on the way out of the store that you might need for later in the day.

Canter’s isn’t the best deli in the city, but it’s the one that you can go to regardless of what time it is. If you want to eat some good food, skip the burgers and stick to the deli fare: pastrami, cheese blintzes, or even a good bagel with lox. Those who aren’t feeling very energetic should order one of Canter’s famous Reuben sandwiches, which are incredibly tasty and consist of grilled turkey, ham, and cheese, and are served with French toast. It’s open all day, every day of the week, and the best thing is that it’s open 24 hours a day!

Late Night Eats In Los Angeles

Sun Non Dang

It’s a classic Korean restaurant that stays open all night long, offering delicious home-style cooking. This is a very popular Korean restaurant. It just recently opened a second location in Koreatown, which is open 24 hours a day.

Whether you’re stumbling in late at night or in the afternoon, you’ll see people huddling around huge skillets of galbi jjim. These huge plates are filled with succulent, spicy short ribs, rice cakes and other delicious dishes. They serve heaping bowls of delicious Korean food that are the best in the city. If you want a little more drama in your meal, order yours with cheese, which is melted and smoky after being blowtorched.

It’s incredible how much flavor the pork fat can give a dish, but the soups are also worth your time. Order the oxtail soup with brisket, which is great for when you are feeling cold after some karaoke.

Dan Sung Sa

The ambiance of this tavern is exactly what you’d expect if you were living in North Korea, and we mean this in a good way. They’ll serve you food that looks like it should be served in a normal pub, except they taste much better. You can expect skewers, wings, and other excellent bar food that will keep you satisfied until late into the night.

The tavern is packed to the brim with people drinking soju like it’s the last batch of booze in the world. Its large menu is full of skewers and pancakes made from slices of fried scallion, which are designed to help you sip the beer. This North Korean pub serves some of the best food in the city. The wok-fried sausages served with spicy rice and noodles and seaweed pancakes are outstanding.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of great places to eat late at night in Los Angeles, and this list only scratches the surface of what’s available. Still, these are the best in terms of quality and quantity. If you live in Los Angeles, you should definitely check out one of these places to eat late at night.

Whether you’re exploring through the city with a significant other, with your equally drunk friends, or maybe with your family, you’ll be able to find some good eats for a late night meal.

Kim is an 80s wild child. She loves to write on all things LA related. Kim enjoys watching TV shows such as The A Team. Kim started her writing career with a Bachelor of Journalism and Communication from Rowan University in New Jersey. Over the years, Kim has written for a variety of publications on world-topics. She’s married and shares 2 kids with her husband. They make their home in Irvine, California, where they enjoy camping trips along the coast.

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