Best Halal Food In Los Angeles

Halal food means that the food products are allowed to be consumed by Muslims. The food is free from any kind of non-permitted ingredients which are not allowed in Islam. This type of food is mostly prepared from animals and plants which are judged as clean according to Islamic laws. The meat and animal products should be properly slaughtered according to Islamic rules, thus avoiding all kinds of contamination during processing or slaughtering, but also during storage and distribution.

For Muslims living or vacationing in Los Angeles, there are plenty of Halal food options to choose from, which are all clean and healthy. This article will be focused on the best Halal food in Los Angeles.

Where to Get the Best Halal Food in Los Angeles

Whether you’re seeking out halal food because you’re Muslim, because of dietary restrictions, or just because you’re interested, you will be able to find a wide variety of options at many different locations. There are many halal restaurants in Los Angeles alone! Here’s a list of some of the best places to get Halal food in the city:

The Halal Guys

This halal food truck is a hit among locals. The Halal Guys offer gyros, shawarma, burritos, and more. They’ve even gone international, opening branches in countries across many other continents.

When Halal Guys first started selling hotdog buns to Muslim taxi drivers in New York, it was only their goal to sell hotdog buns to those who were willing to buy their products. It has taken them many years to become one of the most popular chains in New York. People queue up for their steaming hot rice platters, gyros and falafel!

Their gyros, made with either beef or chicken, and served with a sweet white sauce, is a delicious option to try. If you are planning to have some gyros, don’t forget to order their special fries, which will help to finish off your meal. They also offer baklava, hummus, and falafels for those wanting smaller bites.


Hasan Zaidi started his own restaurant, “Al-Noor”, in 1998. His menu is a mixture of traditional and modern dishes. The name of their Karachi-style restaurant means “light from God” in Arabic. It is a modern space with yellow walls and a floor that looks like a bed. Tables are lined with a soft pink floral fabric.

There are some fantastic traditional recipes that include vegetarian lentil and beef patties, called shami kebabs. Chicken tadka is a popular dish that involves cooking chicken with green chilies, tomatoes and ginger. They also have lamb korma with gamy cubes and a spicy onion-based sauce. Vegetarians don’t need to worry! Some recommended dishes include paneer, spinach and cheese made from fresh milk of cows, all which are seasoned with plenty of spices and are best served with naan. Finally, their refreshing mango lassi is like a drink that refreshes the taste buds.

Big Al’s Pizzeria

If you are looking for a good pizza in Maywood, you will not be disappointed by Big Al’s Pizzeria. Al Chachine is the man who runs Big Al’s Pizzeria in the Maywood neighborhood. Al grew up in the neighborhood and now delivers to the residents a delicious diet of pizza and chicken wings with unique global flavors.

It offers a wide variety of pizzas, subs, pasta and wings, made with high-quality fresh ingredients. All of the meat that they serve is antibiotic and hormone free, and the dough is made fresh every day. Some of their specialty pizzas are served with flavors like Smoked Beef Brisket Meat, and Lebanese Garlic Chicken with BBQ Sauce.

Big Al’s Pizzeria serves up deliciously thick pizzas that are topped with bubbling mozzarella cheese and spicy white garlic sauce, as well as deliciously seasoned chicken breast, diced tomatoes and pickled vegetables. They also have signature chicken wings which are served with their house-made sauces. Meanwhile, his sister makes scrumptious cheesecakes that come with amazing flavors like salted caramel and double chocolate, and even mango tango.

Best Halal Food In Los Angeles

Fatima’s Grill

Fatima’s Grill is a halal restaurant in Los Angeles that offers a wide variety of gourmet food. They serve perfectly cooked steaks, from an array of cuts, with an array of sauces to choose from. Their menu includes chicken, ribs and fish dishes.

This is the first Halal Lebanese-Mexican-American joint in the U.S. There are many great menu items at Fatima’s Grill, including fusion shawarma wraps, Philly cheese steaks and hot Cheetos fries. This fusion restaurant is also very famous for its customer service. Visit here if you want to have a fresh and new experience with fusion food.

The restaurant has its own special blend of spices for their food, which allows the flavors to be more pronounced. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, so you will not have any issues getting the right amount of spice on your meat or ordering whatever you need.

Urban Skillet

Urban Skillet opened in 2014 in New York’s NoHo Arts District. Mohammad Azeem Farooq took over as owner in late 2017 and continues to serve quality halal food. Guests can enjoy burgers, sandwiches, chicken wings and full-on fries. Burgers can be served in a simple way to something much more complex, starting with the Southern BBQ burger, which features a brioche bun, bacon, onions, and BBQ sauce on a brioche bun. Urban Skillet offers burgers that include jackfruit and slow-cooked brisket. So, those with dietary restrictions won’t need to fret!

This joint offers the same street food that everyone loves but with an upscale twist. When you first come here, try the Original Skillet Burger with House Fries or Slow Cooked Brisket Burger. Their delicious wing platters are great to share with friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Los Angeles is a city that offers so many different types of ethnic cuisines to choose from. Not everyone can just pick one type of cuisine and stick with it the entire time they live there. If you are on the fence about what kind of food to get, you should try as many different kinds as possible!

The next time you’re out for an evening meal, take your taste buds on a trip around LA and check out all these great Halal food choices!

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