Geeki Tikis - Boushh Leia

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Star Wars - Princess Leia [Boushh] Geeki Tikis® Allow us to reveal Series 3 of the Star Wars Geeki Tikis. This time around, you can choose to drink with Jedi Luke, Boushh Leia, a Gamorrean Guard, or Han Solo in Carbonite (Be warned… Drinking from Han in Carbonites' mug, may cause brain freeze!) Luke, Leia and the Gamorrean Guard stand an impressive 7in tall and hold between 19 - 24oz. Each has a contrasting interior, which will make you happy even when you get to the bottom of your drink. Han Solo in Carbonite stands over 8in tall and holds a MEGA 60oz! Geeki Tikis are crafted from the highest quality ceramic and feature beautifully raised relief and authentic decoration. Unique, Fun and Functional, the Star Wars Series 3 Geeki Tikis assortment will make a great addition to the highly collectible line.
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