Best Cherry Picking Farms Around Los Angeles

It’s that time of year again, when the cherry trees are about to bloom and we go back to our childhoods. Whether you are a kid or an adult, it is always nice to go back home and see all the old memories. This year we have some picks for you on cherry picking in Los Angeles!

Cherry picking farms in Los Angeles are family-owned and operated businesses that grow cherries on their own grounds, and sell them to the public. Cherry picking is the term used for when people go out and pick fresh cherries from a tree or bush. For some people it is one of their favorite activities; for others, it’s about as fun as getting a root canal! Still, it’s a great activity that the entire family can enjoy.

Cherry picking farms in Los Angeles not only raise their own crops but also sell their own produce. Some farmers even have fields where they grow flowers to sell to customers who want to bring home some fresh cut flowers from a local farm! But where do you find such a place in LA?

Where to Go Cherry Picking in Los Angeles

The following farms will take you back in time when you were a kid or if you just like eating cherries they will make your experience even more enjoyable. You can taste these sweet treats while getting lost in the beautiful scenery of California. So let’s get into this post and see what Cherry Picking Farms around Los Angeles has to offer! Here are some of the best cherry picking farms you can find around the city of angels:

Rolling Thunder Ranch

Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch sells cherries from all over the world, including rainier cherries, Bing cherries, and Skeena cherries. Take the little ones to see the farm animals; maybe they’ll even let you pet them. You want to relax, enjoy the time you have here and feel like you are returning home refreshed and ready to visit again.

Their cherries are usually ripe by early June, so make sure you come early! You can find their cherry orchard just outside of Palmdale, just 12 miles from Palmdale. Santa Clarita is only a 15 minute drive away. They sell plenty of their own honey and their famous Sweet Tea made from 100% fresh California cherries. Children will love seeing the farm animals and taking home fun photos! However, it is best to know that they only take cash. Staff will request that you do not bring any pets. These are two things you should keep in mind before you go to Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch.

Best Cherry Picking Farms Around Los Angeles

Cherry Hill Farm

Cherry Hill Farm is located on a 7.5 acre farm in beautiful Leona Valley, just 12 miles west of Palmdale. They only use organic methods to grow cherries.  Cherry Hill Farm grows organic cherries that are grown organically, with no pesticides or herbicides. Come visit Cherry Hill Farm and find the best local food producers and artisans! Pick cherries. You will feel good about contributing to a larger cause when you pick cherries from Cherry Hill Farm in Leona Valley.

The owners purchased the farm in the winter of 2015, and they work hard to keep it healthy and beautiful. They work hard every year to nurture their orchard and make sure that it is healthy and glowing. Our farm only uses organically grown cherries, and never uses any kind of pesticide or herbicide. If these are things that you really value, make sure to come out to Cherry Hill Farm during cherry picking season in order to get some of the best cherries in the area.

JL Farms U-Pick Cherries

This one reigns as the oldest family-owned farm in Littlerock, this farm has a variety of cherry trees which grow from very sweet cherries. Amongst 650 fruit trees, half are sweet cherries from the Rainier variety, and the rest are from the different species of cherry trees (Lapin, Bing and Brooks). They keep the cherry trees under 10 feet, which means you can reach the cherries easily. This is ideal for children, because they will be able to enjoy playing with the cherries.

They usually have cherries for about five or six weeks, but some days they will be closed so that the cherries can ripen better. Before you visit, please call or check the website for more information. It is important to remember that you should not bring your pets to the orchard, since it is prohibited by the owners.

Villa del Sol Sweet Cherry Farms

This is a cherry farm in the lovely Leona Valley, California, just an hour north of Los Angeles. It stretches out to 25 acres! It was started by the Shafer family in 1999. Villa del Sol is located on Elizabeth Lake Road and Godde Hill Road in the beautiful Leona Valley, California. We are located just one hour northeast of Los Angeles, in the lovely Leona Valley. Take the 12 Freeway exit and go west! Villa del Sol would be the first stop on your right when you enter the country!

Fruits grow from trees that cascade down a south-facing slope, which allows the sun to warm the ground and soften the leaves, preventing the trees from freezing in the spring. It is necessary that warm air flows through the trees to create a suitable environment for producing a ripe crop. There are almost 4000 bare root sweet cherry trees in the orchard. The cherries are delicious. There are five varieties available: Bing, Early Burlat, Brooks, and Tulare. Leona Valley cherries are usually available from late May until early July.

Copeland’s Cherry Ranch

Copeland’s Cherry Ranch is managed by a family of five people who rely heavily on the help and support of their relatives, friends and neighbors. They open their doors when the cherries are ripe, which is usually in June.  They’re busy weeding and watering the fields, trying to discourage squirrels, gophers and birds from eating the cherries.

You have the option to pick cherries yourself, or if you have limited time, just buy some pre-picked cherries. Even if you have never picked cherries before, it takes just a few minutes to enjoy them and to fill buckets. Cherry Farm in Leona Valley has five varieties of cherry trees in its orchard. All are good for healthy snacking! They sell honey collected by bees who live on the farm and collect nectar from cherry blossoms and other natural spring flowers in the Leona Valley. The honey from these bees is freshly harvested and raw, and tastes delicious.

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