Best Places For Kids Haircuts Around Los Angeles

There are many things to consider when finding a place for your kid to get his or her haircut. You need to find a place that is good, has a busy schedule and one that will not be too expensive. There are some places where you can take your kids but they might not want to go so they may not be the best option.

Haircuts for children are fun because it allows a child to feel like they are a real grown up. It is also very important that they get their hair cut often so that their hairstyle remains attractive even in the short term. The following article will provide you with some of the best places for kids haircuts around Los Angeles.

Where to Get Kids Haircuts in LA

If you are looking for the best place for your kid’s hair cut this article will give you some of the top choices. We have reviewed them and ranked them based on our experience and what we saw in other people’s reviews as well. These are some of the best places in Los Angeles for kids haircuts that you can trust with your child’s safety, while still giving your little one the style they deserve! Here’s the best places in Los Angeles to get haircuts for your kid:

The Yellow Balloon

Yellow Balloon Hairdressers have been styling hair for over 40 years! At The Yellow Balloon, it is fun and relaxing to get a haircut. The Yellow Balloon brings back good memories with items like Flintstones pinball machines, Pac Man games, and movies that light up the TV screens. Little people are thrilled when they receive gifts, like balloons, candies, and other toys as a reward for getting through their haircut.

They offer a special first haircut package for babies that includes a special photo, a personalized frame, and a certificate for the little ones. The stylists at The Yellow Balloon can easily adapt to those who have special needs, and are happy to spend a little more time with them.

Lollicut Children’s Hair Salon

Kids don’t know what to look for when they enter Lollicut Salon. You will see hand-painted murals, a big TV, video games, and fun salon chairs like a red car or a blue one. Lollicut Salon is like being transported to a fairy-tale-like  land. Your child will enjoy coming in and being the star because you took them there. Turn your child’s hard time getting his or her hair cut into an experience that they will enjoy.

Children will enjoy being in a comfortable atmosphere while they get their hair cut. They are open 24 hours a day and are open seven days a week. The stylists will also appeal to your child’s senses by playing video games, showing them pictures of popular cartoon characters, and even making them think about a futuristic spaceship.

Best Places For Kids Haircuts Around Los Angeles

Bubble Cuts

Bubble Cuts is a full-service salon that also does manicures and pedicures for kids. Bubble Cuts is a full-service salon for kids. They do not just do haircuts, but they also do mani-pedis and blowouts for kids. Kids love this because it is a full-service salon that is themed to evoke a vintage experience. They have many interactive activities for your kids to enjoy. The salon is themed to capture your child’s imagination. They have seating that looks like a fire truck, a police car or a cool convertible to keep them occupied while they get their hair cut.

Parents can come in and get their hair cut at this salon. It’s like a little shop where kids can have their hair cut. They have cute little cars that kids can sit in and watch the stylists work. Children can play in the play area before and after getting their hair cut. And every time that someone does their hair cutting, that customer gets a free balloon and lollipop!


Snip-its Haircuts for Kids was honored with the Golden Bear Award for the Best Kids Hair, Nail, and Skin Care Services. Kids love Snip-its because they have access to some fun, interactive entertainment while they have their haircuts done, and parents love that their children can relax and enjoy their experience while they relax. Everything in the salon is designed to entertain children, making their time at the hair salon fun!  Snip-it offers fun entertainment throughout the experience, including a welcome video to get kids excited for the haircut. Their many selection of games can keep your little one occupied, and they have rewards if you kid can remain patient.

You can find three Snip-It locations in Southern California. Snip-Its aims to make getting a haircut a whole lot of fun for kids. That way, they feel like it is more of a fun time than a chore. Select Snip-It locations will allow children with special needs to get a fun haircut if it is possible. Prices may vary depending on what location you go to, so make sure to check their official site before you visit.


Tipperary Hair Salon has been around since 1972, and is the best place in the area to get your children’s hair cut! Tipperary Hair Salon specializes in providing quality haircuts for children that are up to date with the newest hairstyles.

Your baby will have his or her first haircut photographed here and you will also receive a precious lock of hair as a memento. You’ll probably feel more like you’re shopping in a toy store than going to a hair salon, because Tipperary is fully stocked with toys, games and other toys that you can buy for children. Tipperary Hair Salon is the perfect place to get your baby his first haircut, get him a lice treatment, or get a special hairdo to prepare for an event. However, remember to not come in on Mondays. This is because they are closed that day. As for public holidays, they may also have differing hours, so make sure to call in before your appointment to be sure.

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