Best Pho In Los Angeles

The term pho has become synonymous with Vietnamese cuisine. It is a dish that has come to be known as the national dish of Vietnam, and it is now being enjoyed by many people all over the world. A bowl of pho noodles can be prepared in a few minutes, and it will be ready to eat immediately after you finish cooking it. No one will ever have to wait for the meal to be ready before they enjoy eating it. This is the main reason why pho became so popular in so many countries where Vietnamese immigrants settled.

A large number of places around Los Angeles serve delicious bowls of this traditional dish. There are some who have been serving delicious bowls of pho for decades, making them an institution in their community.

What are the Best Pho Spots in LA?

Los Angeles is one of the best places to find a bowl of delicious pho. There are so many different types of pho available in this area that it is not possible to list them all here. But here are some of the most popular options for people looking for a place to have a bowl of pho in LA.

Pho Cafe

Pho Cafe is totally hidden and is completely unremarkable. You could drive by this place 10 times and not even realize it’s a restaurant. But it is. It is a very good restaurant! And they serve some very good pho. The Vietnamese cepes and the filet mignon are some of the best menu items you should try out. You can find plenty of tables and chairs inside, plus the place is always crowded with people having a good time. It’s a solid place for a low-key date night.

What this place lacks in signs, it makes up for in the food that it serves. Pho Café is known for their tender steaks with lots of fresh lemongrass, which you can get in a variety of ways. It also gives a special flavor to their famous hot noodle dish called bun cha gio thit nuong, which is made with vermicelli rice noodles, egg rolls, peanuts and fresh herbs, as well as their top-notch steak. Remember that this place only takes cash, so no credit cards are allowed! If you’re coming in with a large vehicle, find parking on the street.

Nong Lá Vietnamese Cafe

Nong La is one of our favorite places in the city, and there are two locations in the city. But their La Brea location is the only one in the city that provides a decent opportunity to take good photos. Their beef is high-quality, and the broth is light and fresh with an appealing hint of lemongrass. We like their very rare steak and meatballs, but if you want to take it up a notch, they offer a very spicy soup with pork patty and beef shank. They have a solid beer and wine list, and there is a separate bar for those who want to do a little solo pho mission.

Best Pho In Los Angeles

This cozy Pho place is  a family affair, and it shows. You’ll enjoy their homestyle cooking and very friendly and knowledgeable servers. Nong Lá uses no MSG in their broth, which gives it a flavorful beefy meatiness with an added hint of flavor in place of more strong chili flavors. They also use a lot of wide, softer noodles, which also give it a more homey feel. The tender filet has a soft, smooth texture, and the brisket is very rich and delicious. Beef balls are very tender, and they are satiated by the juicy beef that they eat. While you may wish for more tender meat, it’s like coming home.


ASAP Phorage in Playa del Rey serves pretty much the same pho as Phorage in Palms, but we usually have a pho here because we enjoy eating at a convenient store. It is highly recommended that you order the steamed beef if you want to eat some good quality meat. The beef broth tastes like it has been simmering for days, and the meat is really good quality.

With a minimal design and minimalist philosophy, Phorage emphasizes good food over quantity. Phorage serves only four types of pho, including one that is vegetarian. Each bowl is filled with firm, delectable rice noodles, shaved white onions and a tiny bit of salt. Their oxtail pho has a subtle touch of sweetness to it, while the chicken pho is extremely tender. Don’t pass up on the rare beef pho with its lovely layers of tender meat and succulent veggies. If you have room, get a couple of their imperial rolls and a jidori chicken.

Pho 2000

Koreatown is famous for two things: notoriously awful parking and its huge selection of amazing food. If you can survive the first obstacle, eating the amazing food will make up for it. The menu at Pho 2000 includes pictures of almost everything that they serve, from the spicy beef with egg roll to the crispy fish fried rice. You are finally done with getting trapped by the poisonous stuff that food can do to you. If you fancy trying the house special pho, which comes with tendon, tripe, brisket, and more, you should also try the oxtail pho when you’re feeling fancy. It is a very rich broth that is loaded with plenty of vegetables and plenty of meat. There are some excellent pho dishes at Pho 2000, including a wonderful dish with lots of oxtail meat.

It is also useful to know that they stay open until way late in the night; more specifically, 2AM on weekdays and 3AM on weekends. So, this is the perfect pho joint to go to after a night of partying, pulling an all-nighter for a test, or if you’re just a night owl who’s feeling a little peckish!

Final Thoughts

The selection of pho in Los Angeles is quite extensive, so it can be a bit difficult to choose what to get. Also, some places serve the same menu items as other places, which makes it easy to get confused. If you are having trouble choosing a restaurant because there are just too many options available, then our list is a great place to start!

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