Best Brunch Places In Los Angeles

For every city there is a brunch place that is truly worth the hype. For some, it’s the perfect food court or another restaurant that serves up high quality eggs and bacon. For others, it’s a popup café that only opens for a short period of time around the weekend. No matter what your tastes are like, brunch in Los Angeles has something for everyone to enjoy!

Whether you’re looking for a brunch spot for a cute date, if you’re planning a meet-up with old friends, or if you just want to work remotely from a cafe, we’ve rounded up the best brunch places in Los Angeles. So keep reading!

Where Should You Have Brunch in LA?

Picking the right place to eat brunch can be a fickle business. You need to consider the location, the menu, the prices and more! The best brunch spots in LA will all have something that makes them stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for a cute date spot or if you want to work remotely, check out these restaurants that are open before 9am. If you’re in downtown L.A., we suggest checking out these places as they may be your best bet!

All Day Baby

This restaurant is packed all the time, and it also tastes fantastic. They know how to make classic dishes that are as good as a good cook, but they’re never afraid to go for the unexpected. Smoked longanisa sausage in your breakfast burrito? Perfection. They have some amazing desserts, too, like a very special coconut pie, and they have cinnamon rolls that are only available on weekends. So go ahead and get a happy hour drink or a boozy coffee; you’ve got until 3pm and until 6pm on Sundays. We offer a selection of wine, beer and cocktails.

You may have never had a delicious, jam-topped biscuit breakfast sandwich before, but that’s exactly what you get when you go to All Day Baby. All Day Baby’s biscuit sandwich is topped with scrambled eggs, gooey cheese, some jam, and your choice of either bacon or sausage. It’s a great way to spend some time with your friends and get some food to go. It’s a great place to catch some interesting people while you’re eating and drinking coffee. There are long lines that snake down Sunset Boulevard on weekend evenings, with people who are wearing big necklaces and who are going on dates to grab a coffee.


République is one of the best restaurants in the city, and it serves more casual brunch fare than its high-end dinner fare. On weekends, it can get long to wait in line to get a good table. But the wait is worth it for their excellent selection of delicious pastries and now-iconic dishes like the kimchi fried rice and ricotta toast with seasonal fruit and honey. Built in 1929, it served as the home of Charlie Chaplin’s office and later became the location of Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton’s famous house of cards. This gorgeous place with warm and freshly baked pastries is a great place to reminisce about great times. And for those aching for liquor, there’s wine, beer, and much more on the menu!

Best Brunch Places In Los Angeles

Not only is this place a godsend for lunch and dinner, but it’s also golden for brunch. Is it the pork belly sausage breakfast sandwich? Or fried chicken and waffles with a side of pickled fresno chiles? Fried chicken with hot sauce and waffles with pickled chiles? Either way, this is one of the richest, most adventurous and most satisfying brunches on the West Coast. You’re here to eat well and enjoy the scenery, so plan accordingly.

Huckleberry Cafe

Saturdays at Huckleberry are usually very crowded; come early to see the daily specials and pick a dish that will compliment your salmon tartine, such as the homemade oatmeal bowl or the chorizo breakfast bowl. If you want your food to have that good-tasting savory taste, try the fried egg sandwich that features scrambled eggs, bacon and some homemade aioli on some french toast. Although the crowds are thin and the menus are limited, you can take some time to breathe and enjoy the delicious food that they serve.

Their commitment to sourcing fresh, local food from the best farms in Santa Monica demonstrates their dedication to serving up the best food there is. Here you can enjoy everything sweet and baked and well-sourced. It is not trendy food, but it is the food that Southern Californians enjoy all day long. Their customers are casually dressed and come for highly-sourced dishes and rich baked goods.


Redbird is a pretty fancy restaurant on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles that’s housed in an old, abandoned church. It offers a menu that focuses on fine dining but also offers an extensive cocktail list. You can get everything you want: lamb cheeks, kaya toast smothered in spicy cashew butter, and lots and lots of really good cocktails.

L.A. is full of beautiful restaurants that serve brunch with fancy cocktails and other people’s only food, but nothing has impressed us as much as the one at this beautiful Downtown restaurant. Redbird was once the rectory of a beautiful 19th-century cathedral, and the open ceiling and lush garden oasis are the perfect backdrop for a casual and upscale breakfast. The food isn’t something you can ignore, either. Redbird’s creatively styled, international brunch dishes are as fun and creative as you’d expect them to be. When the breakfast spread includes goodies like a matcha-filled chocolate concha and a Singapore-style kaya toast, you know there’s really no wrong way to order them.

Rose Cafe

Rose Cafe is huge. It’s a massive restaurant, which means you can order almost any kind of food there. You’ll find that the Rose Cafe is big and noisy, and there’s a bar that everyone loves to use any time of day. It’s a little dispersed, but you’ll find your perfect match: who else in town serves a cacio e pepe at brunch that’s been spiked with miso? What else could you possibly want? Like a hot pepperoni pizza?

If you’re a breakfast person, you can order oat pancakes, shakshuka and other traditional breakfast dishes, all well-sourced and executed by a top-quality kitchen team. You could even just go to the Rose Cafe for a couple of cocktails and give it a thumbs up on social media.

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