Best Vintage Stores In LA

Vintage clothes and other trinkets are always a favorite because of their uniqueness and timelessness. The items are not only unique but also timeless, having no set price like the same old pieces in stores today. Clothes that were used in the past could be found at vintage shops, which is why they are more affordable than new clothes these days.

A list of the best vintage shops in Los Angeles would give anyone an idea of what to look for when buying clothing or even other accessories. Vintage is one thing that transcends generations as well as time itself because it has been worn and reused by many people over its history. Vintage clothing can come with different designs, depending on how it looked before changing into another design that suits your taste.

What are the Best Vintage Stores in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has a lot of antique stores and vintage boutiques that are worth visiting. If you want to find the best shops in LA, read the following article carefully. Among all these stores, you will be able to know where to go and what to look for. The following is your guide on finding the best antique stores in Los Angeles!

The Way We Wore

If you can’t find your favorite designer item in the stacks of old clothes that people are dragging around thrift stores, let The Way We Wore figure everything out for you. Hollywood stars frequent this vintage clothing shop to look for gorgeous designer clothes. They’ll help you find that perfect Chanel top or that pretty Valentino dress that you could never buy on the official website.

Doris Raymond, the owner, has spent years since 2004 collecting vintage clothes and curating them for the masses that frequent The Way We Wore. It’s a museum of fashion history spanning 200 years. The Way We Wore is an alternative store for people who want to find the best designer clothes in Los Angeles. You won’t find piles and piles of old clothes at The Way We Were. There’s a small but exquisitely curated selection of pieces that were produced between 1910 and 1990. Prices reflect the variety of designer clothes that they sell, but with a little patience you can often find great deals. The site has some very affordable pieces for sale.


Decades is one of the few boutiques that are still around that were built before 2000, and it also is the only boutique that is slated for a reality show. Christos Garkinos and Cameron Silver are able to get amazing finds from celebrity closets. Decades are packed to the brim with designer clothes, and it has some of the best designer shoe sales in town, with some sales averaging more than $150.

Vintage couture dresses line the walls of the boutique at Melrose and La Jolla. It sells only vintage clothes, and it quickly becomes your go-to place for finding the perfect outfit for those special occasions. You can find everything from couture pieces to ready-to-wear ones. There are also plenty of modern pieces in the shop. There’s nothing more glamorous than spending an afternoon at Decades.

Lemon Frog

Lemon Frog is organized by price, so you can spend a little more time in the front section of the store to find things that are more affordable, and shop in the back section for special occasions. They have a huge selection of jewelry that is very cheap, and with every purchase you can get a free gift from a small treasure chest. Come here for a classic frock that will be perfect for the summer, and you will return home with at least three different pieces of clothing.

Best Vintage Stores In LA

There’s a strong hippie-chic vibe in the store, and the clothes are mostly 1960s and ’70s-style. Lemon Frog Shop is a green business certified by the city of Los Angeles. They sell a great selection of clogs and boots, shoes and jewelry, and you’ll find occasional designer handbags and clothes at the best prices in town. Plus, there are a few items for men like flannel shirts.

Paper Moon

If you’re a lover of all things Old Hollywood, then Paper Moon is the right place to go to. This is a fantastic place to find vintage boudoir clothes and other items for that special someone in your life like Marilyn Monroe or Clark Gable.

What was popular for men and women as a fashion accessory on Hollywood Boulevard is now available only in Highland Park. Stock is mostly from the Victorian era through the 1960s, but the prices are quite high. You can find anything from speakeasy flapper dresses with beads, designer mens suits, gorgeou ties, and much more. You can find giant fringed shawls for the piano, or even Victorian lace-up boots worn by legendary actors. Expect the price to be quite high here, ranging from anywhere between $150 to over $300.


Playclothes is a place where you can shop for retro stuff. They sell furniture and other retro items from the 1920s to the 1990s. Playclothes originated as a flea market at the Rose Bowl in the ’80s, but the place has since become a fashion and lingerie mecca. Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift, and George Clooney have reportedly all gone to the store.

You can find hats, purses, and lingerie from different eras. Baskets of handmade textiles, pantsuits made from cotton, jewelry, designer clothes, and much more! Playclothes has all of that! You can rent a costume for your Halloween party here, but you need to call and make a reservation in advance.

Final Thoughts

Vintage outfits are trendy and stylish, as well as timeless. Vintage clothes that no longer fit you can be worth a lot of money to someone who wants them for their vintage collection in the future.

California is an important state for the fashion industry. The city of Los Angeles has many places that sell vintage clothes and other accessories. With the right knowledge, anyone can buy what they want without spending too much money on designer clothes.

Mackenzie likes collecting vinyl records (when she can find them), along with Batman memorabilia. She also loves visiting thrift shops to find those great fashions from the LA area! When she’s not writing about Los Angeles and looking for songs from the past, Mackenzie enjoys spending time in her garden, where she grows organic fruits & vegetables, along with flowers that are beloved by butterflies and hummingbirds.

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