Best Cafes For Working Remotely In Los Angeles

Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or working independently remotely in Los Angeles these are the best cafes to work remotely. Working from a cafe (or WFC) has become a very common practice in the last few years, due to the growing trend of working remotely. A lot of people prefer this way of working because they don’t have to spend their precious time commuting, and can get more done in a day.

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the world and is very diverse with many different cultures. There are a lot of great cafes in Los Angeles for working remotely, where you can get a great cup of coffee with a good WiFi connection and stay connected to the rest of the world.

What are the Best Work-From-Cafe Spots in LA?

There are so many cafes in Los Angeles that it could be overwhelming choosing which one to work on remote work from. We are going to go over some of the best cafes for working remotely in Los Angeles that will help you decide where you want to work when you don’t have a desk or a space to properly focus at home.

The Metaphor Club

The Metaphor Club opened in 2018 as a lounge for writers, with a relaxed, coffee shop vibe and a focus on fostering an atmosphere that allows writers to meet like-minded people. There are plenty of desks and couches, as well as private booths with ring lights for those Zoom calls. Free coffee, soda, and chips are available throughout the day for writers and other creative types to enjoy. Since opening, the co-working space has expanded to include a podcast studio and a studio for filmography and photography purposes, as well as providing writer’s workshops and seminars and hosting cold reads for writers.

Bear in mind that this is not the same as any other cafe out there. It’s specifically meant as a coworking space, which also means you often need to book ahead to be able to use this. Passes for a day at the venue cost $20, and can be purchased at the venue.

Alana’s Coffee Roasters

Alana’s is wonderful for people who need to spend some time socializing while they work. Alana’s is a great place to have some fun and be social, and regulars are always coming in and out of Alana’s throughout the day. Alana’s coffee is truly one of a kind, and the coffee bar makes for a great place to work. You’ll find all sorts of interesting things on their menu, and once you’ve been here often, you’ll see a lot of familiar faces in this bar.

Alana’s charming patio is surrounded by palm trees and has a nice lighting system. Enjoy their top-notch curated playlist while you work or study. We like that the tables are shaded by a canopy, and the WiFi signal is very strong. There are also some neat little outlets along the wall and at the back, right next to a beautiful trailer. Alana roasts their own coffee daily and gets all the beans directly from the farmers. People come to Alana to work and study away from home. Because Alana’s is very reasonably priced, their place is often very busy so it’s best to come early.

Best Cafes For Working Remotely In Los Angeles

Cafecito Organico

Cafécito Organico is definitely one of the best coffee shops in America. They roast their own coffee beans and serve it on site. There are plenty of outside tables and chairs and plenty of comfortable couches and chairs. They roast their coffee to be strong and delicious, and they actively work with the farmers to help them get the best beans.

Cafecito Organico is in Silver Lake, and the outside patio is very inviting. There are plenty of tables and chairs available, including some by the electrical outlets that run along the walls of the restaurant and free WiFi. Cafecito Organico also has a spot in the Atwater Village neighborhood that has a few small tables along the sidewalk.

Hot and Cool Cafe

Hot and Cool opened in the Black neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2018, providing a community-centered hub and affordable vegan options to a neighborhood that was formerly known as a space with little options for food. Hot and Cool Cafe was even featured on Issa Rae’s TV show, “Insecure”, on HBO.

Hot and Cool Cafe is a certified social enterprise that provides free meals to senior citizens and generously donates to Leimert Park’s community fridge. It provides job training to youth who are formerly incarcerated and work toward their goals. Hot and Cool features bright, cheerful furnishings and good Wi-Fi, plus coffee drinks that are made with Crenshaw Coffee Co.

Hotel June

Hotel June is one of the best coworking options in Playa Del Rey, with a mid-century modern design and a lush pool deck. It is also just a short drive from Los Angeles International Airport, so it’s perfect for catching up with some business friends before or after your flight.

Grab a snack at Caravan Swim Club, the poolside restaurant and meeting spot where you can enjoy a shared menu and plenty of great drinks, and then make the most of the hotel’s free WiFi.

How to Pick the Right Cafe to Work Remotely

There are a lot of great cafes to work remotely in Los Angeles, but the best ones really depend on your personal needs and preferences. There are a few things to think about when picking the right cafe to work remotely.

Some people prefer restaurants with tables or desks, while others would rather have communal seating at a coffee shop. It all depends on what you need. Some people also enjoy working in complete silence, but others may fare better if they’re in a cafe where they can listen to some nice music and the hustle and bustle of other customers. If you need a completely calm environment, for example, a co-working space may be a better fit for you compared to a regular cafe.

Kim is an 80s wild child. She loves to write on all things LA related. Kim enjoys watching TV shows such as The A Team. Kim started her writing career with a Bachelor of Journalism and Communication from Rowan University in New Jersey. Over the years, Kim has written for a variety of publications on world-topics. She’s married and shares 2 kids with her husband. They make their home in Irvine, California, where they enjoy camping trips along the coast.

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