Best Soul Food In Los Angeles

Soul food restaurants, also known as Southern soul food, is a genre of American cuisine consisting of the traditional dishes and flavors of the African-American South. The term soul food is most often used to refer to this style of cooking in the United States but it can also be used outside the US.

Soul food originated as a distinctive form of American cuisine. The term refers both to a distinct type of cooking (based on African-American and Southern traditions) and to a specific kind of restaurant—a specialized venue that serves soul food at lunch or dinner time. It’s a great way to experience something new and different in Los Angeles.

What are the Best Soul Food Places in Los Angeles?

There are many soul food places in Los Angeles. It is the most common type of food among African Americans. The best soul food place in Los Angeles is based on a combination of factors including quality, atmosphere, and price. We have found that the best soul food restaurants are hidden gems and you may not find them at first glance. A good place to start is with our list of the Best Soul Food Restaurants in Los Angeles . Here’s some of our favorite places:

Comfort LA

Comfort LA’s signature offering, That Sauce, is so beloved that people cry when they think about it for the first time. Comfort LA is known for their unique take on soul food. You should expect to get food that uses mostly organic ingredients and cooks with healthier methods that do not compromise on taste, but that will allow you to feel great while doing it. If you like eating chicken wings, prepare to be amazed. If you like your chicken wings hot, order 30 at once or have them buried in a giant bowl of homemade slaw, then have them on a giant black brioche bun.

Comfort LA is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where people come to play games and have fun. They also sell a variety of board and card games, and they host regular events and popular party nights like Soulful Sundays. The atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed and welcoming. You will get friendly service from the staff and you can bring your friends out for a great meal at an affordable price.

Best Soul Food In Los Angeles

My Two Cents

My Two Cents is another great spot for soul food in Los Angeles. My Two Cents is the place to taste Southern classics. My Two Cents serves up hummus made with fresh black-eyed peas, a fried green tomato po’ boy, and a pork chop with plantain-stuffed pork chops. There are many wonderful treats here, including a sweet potato and pecan crumble.

Popular for its upscale atmosphere, celebrity guests and ambitious food, My Two Cents is a beloved institution. My Two Cents was at risk of being shuttered due to financial troubles back in 2017, but renowned musicians stepped in and threw a hugely successful fundraiser to save the restaurant. Those who are in the mood for something a little more substantial should try the plantain stuffed pork chops or the pecan sweet potato cake.

The Serving Spoon

The Serving Spoon is a well-loved soul food restaurant in Los Angeles. They have created their own recipes and they are so passionate about what they do that they make sure the food comes out delicious. The exterior of the Serving Spoon is not very impressive, but regulars know to ignore it. Serving Spoon has been serving up soulful breakfast and lunches for over 35 years.

Weekdays are ideal, because the lines at the weekend establishment are usually very long, especially on Sundays after church. The savory, salty options are endless, like catfish and cheese grits with a side of bacon and eggs, or chicken and waffles with cream sauce. They pay tribute to black celebrities in the menus, and they include some of the names of famous black celebrities in their dishes.

Ms. B’s M & M Soul Food

The owner’s name, Beverly Brinson, reminds food aficionados of extravagant meals that cause some people to go into a food coma. This family business has been serving up hearty Southern meals for more than 25 years. Beautiful photos and an eclectic collection of vintage signs and plates adorn the walls of this Southern restaurant. The staff also makes a mean chitterling: mac and cheese, oxtails, and ribs.

The rustic charm of this restaurant comes from having family photos, odes to its Mississippi heritage, and personal photos of people who have eaten at the restaurant. There’s not many soul food restaurants in the area that offer a drive-through option, but you’ll find one at this one-of-a-kind restaurant. Keep in mind that the menu items change daily, depending on what the chef is planning to make that day. While some meat dishes like turkey chops or liver and onions are offered daily, the best ribs are available only on the weekends.

Sista Mary’s Soul Food

Sista Mary’s Soul Food is known for good and affordable soul food in Los Angeles. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very welcoming and friendly. The food at Sista Mary’s Soul Food is prepared simply but consistently delicious.

At their restaurant, the chefs do not use a lot of exotic ingredients or fancy cooking methods to make their food taste great. Rather, they have tried to create a menu that uses ingredients that are readily available to help ensure every customer can enjoy quality and affordable meals.

Here you’ll find a variety of different fried foods, like fried chicken, fried pickles and Oreos, plus you can sample all kinds of other delicious dishes. If you want to entertain yourself while enjoying your delicious yams, you can look at Sista Mary’s schedule to wait for special events, such as comedy shows.

Final Thoughts

Soul food restaurants are a great way to get to know a culture and learn about the values of different people. They are fun places to eat and often have live music, which makes it an enjoyable place for everyone.

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