Best Paella In Los Angeles

Paella is a popular Spanish dish that is loved by many people around the world. It is considered as one of the best dishes to serve in your dinner with family and friends. Paella comes from the Valencia region where they have been making it for centuries.

For those of you living or vacationing in Los Angeles, you may be wondering where you can get the best paella in Los Angeles. You may have tasted this dish in the restaurants around, but not sure if they are the real deal or not. In this article, we will be showing you a few places where you can get the best paella in Los Angeles.

What are the Best Paella Places in Los Angeles?

Paella is a Spanish dish made from rice, seafood and meat. It is served with vegetables, chicken, ham and many others. Paellas in Los Angeles have become very popular among locals because they’re perfect to find during summer months when it’s too hot outside to cook other food. In this article we will be highlighting 5 different places that are considered as the best paella place in Los Angeles. These restaurants will offer you great service with delicious paella meals at reasonable prices!

La Paella

La Paella is a Spanish restaurant located in Los Angeles which offers wonderful paella dishes. The restaurant has been operating for many years and they have become very well known in the area. They have a huge selection of paellas to choose from such as seafood, chicken and meat based paellas.

You can smell the sea and smell the garlic and saffron as you enter this popular place on the West Side of the city. It’s a lovely space where colorful ceramic plates line the walls and where the food is served hot from the grill with plenty of garlic and olive oil.

La Paella has one of the city’s biggest tapas menus, with dishes like the deliciously silky tortilla and other Madrid favorites. La Paella serves eight different types of paella that vary in terms of how much seafood they include and the type of rice they use. All of them are delicious, beautifully cooked, and great for groups who want to incorporate more seafood into their meals.

Gabi James

Gabi James is a Spanish-American fusion restaurant and it has been operating for many years. They serve traditional Spanish dishes such as paella, tortilla and other delicious treats that you would want to enjoy with family or friends .Spain really enjoys the beaches very much, so it shouldn’t surprise us that one of the best Spanish restaurants in L.A. is just a block from our house. Come for the best tortilla in town, with layers of potato and sweet onions. It’s just perfect as a post-beach snack.

This paella is filled with lots of grilled calamari, shrimp, and Spanish chorizo, which add a nice smoky flavor to the rice dish. This paella is a little bit watery, especially after it gets a big dollop of squid ink aioli on top. The aioli adds a nice touch of sweetness, and it tastes good with the fresh lime that you spritz on top of it.

Best Paella In Los Angeles

Gasolina Cafe

Gasolina Cafe looks very American-ish with its rustic decor and old-fashioned memorabilia. If you never saw the food on their menu, you would think they sold pancakes or some great barbecue ribs for lunch, but in fact, they serve very authentic Spanish food.

We love their coffee and breakfast food, but we usually stick around for their very tasty and salty snacks like grilled mussels served with chorizo and a very rich, creamy puree of pommes.

Skip the bacon and eggs and go straight for the griddle-fried ham a la plancha. Things like the home-made patatas bravas and the spicy chorizo paella are worth it; also, look for specials every day, like the very tasty empanadas that are served on the menu! The paprika-flavored chorizo with the sweet and spicy flavors of the chiles and olives complements the richness of the rice and the richness of the cooked meats and fish. This paella definitely meets all your needs.

Spain Restaurant

Spain Restaurant makes no attempts to hint at its location or menu, so just go with it. Spain Restaurant in Echo Park is exactly what we expected from a Spanish restaurant. If you’re a Spaniard who lives in the US, this is the place to go! This place serves up warm comfort food like tortillas, espaola, croquettes, and ham-filled bocadillos. There is always a big-screen sports show playing on the big TVs. There is also a very attractive section with all the jamón serrano you could want.

The rice is lovely and fluffy, thanks to the saffron and the fresh lemon, but it could use some crisping on the outside. It’s great to have a long list of tapas to try, which are very rare in Americanized Spanish restaurants. We really like the way that they add quite a bit of protein and chicken to their paella mixta. Want a taste of Spain to take with you? There’s a little deli selling imported meats and fish and a small display of bottled water.


Located at Highland Park, Otoño is a great choice for authentic Spanish food after shopping at the nearby Highland Park Village. This restaurant serves paella, tortilla and other traditional dishes that you would find in Spain. Otoño has a nice intimate place with lots of plants, so it’s a pleasant place to have lunch or dinner with a date.

There are dishes from Catalonia and Valencia that marry well with chef Teresa Montao’s modern, global approach to Spanish cuisine. The chef puts a little bit of Japanese dashi into the traditional paella, while adding some extra flavors to the pan con tomate like using tomato essence and raw garlic. Gin and tonics infused with fresh herbs and other ingredients are as delicious as small-batch wines and other tipples from the wine director’s personal collection.

This isn’t the huge rice bowl you’ll find at other restaurants; it’s more of a small plate that will feed two to three people. It serves up a mean paella with a nice pile of prawns and mussels and a generous helping of creamy aioli that adds a nice pop of flavor to each and every bite.

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