Best Peking Duck In Los Angeles

The Peking Duck has become a popular dish in Los Angeles. There are numerous restaurants that serve this dish. It is a staple in Chinese cuisine, and many in the US adore it. It is a roast duck that is stuffed with rice, and it is served in certain Chinese restaurants. The dish has also become popular in many other places, such as California, Spain and other places.

This article will provide the best Peking Duck in Los Angeles. It will make an excellent choice of Chinese food you can have when you are out on a dinner date or at a party. There are several types of cuisine to choose from when you want to enjoy your meal. This article will help you decide which one fits your needs and preferences best.

What are the Best Peking Duck Places in Los Angeles?

While the Peking Duck is an excellent dish to enjoy, it is important to make sure you pick a good restaurant that has one. There are many restaurants that serve this special cuisine.

It is very wise to do your research and check out reviews of the different places you are thinking about visiting. You can read about other people’s experiences with each one before deciding which one suits you best. It will help to ensure you have a great time when you visit the place and get a delicious meal as well. Here are some of the top restaurants in Los Angeles that serve Peking Duck:

Duck House Restaurant

At Duck House, they serve a wide variety of dishes to the customers. The restaurant has a lot of great reviews from happy customers on review sites. This is a terrific Peking duck place in Los Angeles that you can visit for your next meal out.

Duck House is a Taiwanese-Beijing restaurant that specializes in peking duck. They serve the duck with very thin pancakes and a sweet and savory bean sauce. Duck House pulls out all the stops to give you the best duck experience: crispy duck skin wrapped in a thin flour pancake, layered with a bean sauce that is a combination of saltiness and sweetness. The scallion on the side adds a nice kick to the dish.

This establishment is about two decades old, and serves Peking Duck the traditional way. You get plenty of fatty, tender duck meat on each bite. It is very easy to remove the bones from a whole duck and make your own wraps. Do your pre ordering one hour in advance if you are planning to order a huge piece of duck.

Best Peking Duck In Los Angeles

Embassy Kitchen

Embassy Kitchen is an old cantonese restaurant that has been in operation for decades in the San Gabriel area. The chef at the San Gabriel location comes from the Peninsula. Peninsula is known as a fairly renowned restaurant slash luxurious hotel in Hong Kong. Embassy Kitchen serves dim sum in the morning, and a traditional Cantonese menu is offered at dinner.

Embassy Kitchen serves all the familiar dishes that you expect from a restaurant that has been around for many years, but there are some new dishes that can be ordered in advance, like the duck egg turnip cake, which is made with duck eggs and salt and pepper, and the fried shrimp and corn patties. Embassy Kitchen’s dinner menu is excellent, but its Special menu shines above the rest. Some of the dishes are better ordered at least one day in advance, like crispy chicken that has been boned and stuffed with shrimp paste.

Tasty Duck

This popular duck restaurant in Los Angeles is a hit for many reasons. The restaurant’s duck is tender, juicy and has flavor. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Chinatown, and it’s well worth the drive to get there.

Their Peking duck dish includes a crispy skinned roast goose with a thin layer of bean sauce, salt and pepper and scallion to create a tasty base for the meaty main course. Tasty Duck is one of those rare places that serves excellent food all year round.

The name of the restaurant suggests that most of the dishes on the menu at Tasty Duck are duck-related. The crispy skin on the Peking duck is stuffed with as many as twelve individual pork wrappers. The skin is left to crisp up on the grill, and there is no extra fat in the bird. This Peking duck dish costs about $30 and you have to pay extra if you want to order more tortillas.

Bistro Na’s

Bistro Na’s is a Chinese restaurant that serves Peking duck all year round. The restaurant has been around for decades but it remains popular with locals and tourists alike.

It was built to look like a courtyard from the early Qing Dynasty. It has been upgraded to look as though it was built inside a palace. It is as though diners are walking into a palace where they are surrounded by carved wood panels and ancient musical instruments. Diners will feel like they are standing in front of an antique museum.

Even the physical menu is beautiful and beautifully bound in a fine cloth. It is normal for the place to prepare limited-run menus for a few weeks, and special dishes can only be ordered during the Chinese holidays.

Red 99 Grill Bistro

This restaurant in Los Angeles serves Peking duck on a daily basis. The menu offers many standard Chinese dishes like steamed dumplings and noodles but they also offer an exceptional selection of duck specialties such as stuffed chicken wings.

Red 99 Grill Bistro specializes in primarily Shanghainese food, but also has a few dishes that are more traditional or which are more local. Red 99’s signature dish is a delicious pork belly braised with soy sauce, white wine, and other spices. The gelatinous skin and fat that comes off the bones is very easy to enjoy. Customers love it for how it melts easily in your mouth.

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