Best Seafood Buffet In Los Angeles

A seafood buffet is an awesome way to have a better taste of the ocean. Yes, seafood is great but it’s even better when you can get it at a buffet! You can sample all types of seafood including fish, shrimp and lobster (just to name a few). Of course, there are different ways you can experience this but for the sake of this article we will be focusing on the best seafood buffets in Los Angeles.

What are the Best Seafood Buffets in Los Angeles?

When you are looking for the best seafood buffet in Los Angeles, you need to be very careful. The quality of the food and presentation is important. But the food is only half of the criteria. For some of us, the vibe of the restaurant is equally as important. If the restaurant has a good ambiance, it will surely make the experience more enjoyable.

The ideal seafood buffet should have all the elements that you can find in a high-end restaurant. For this reason, we decided to list the top seafood buffets in Los Angeles based on quality food and excellent ambiance.


Angler Seafood and Oyster Bar is the perfect place to host a seafood buffet. With many different types of seafood, you will surely find what you are looking for at this restaurant. Not only that, they also serve some of the best oysters in LA. If you want to try some premium seafood, then this is a great place to go. They have an innovative way of serving their oysters so that everyone can enjoy them. To top it all off, their selection of crab legs are amazing!

Chef Joshua Skenes’s Angler was open during the pandemic, but its location, dining room and limited menu left things to be desired. But now that the pandemic is over, Angler is bringing out the best dishes. Angler has started serving up some of its most popular dishes, including bleeding radicchio, Parker House rolls and banana pancakes with caviar, in its newly renovated cabin-style dining room.

Best Seafood Buffet In Los Angeles

The Smokehouse

The Smokehouse is an American barbecue restaurant located in Los Angeles, California. It is known for being one of the best seafood buffets in Los Angeles. The Smokehouse has a casual atmosphere and serves some of the most flavorful dishes you can find in LA. They serve all sorts of fish and meat so there really is something for everyone here!

The Smokehouse restaurant has been around since 1946 and is right next to the iconic studios of Warner Bros. Studios. They serve delicious steaks, seafood, barbecue and their famous garlic bread, The World’s Greatest Garlic Bread, to locals, tourists and celebrities alike.

This restaurant is well known for its Sunday brunch buffet, which features items like crepes, eggs Benedict and omelets, delicious seafood dishes like marinated crab legs, marinated mussels, poached salmon and oysters. There are carving stations and lots of delicious food available, like a huge variety of Mexican food and lots of garlic bread.

Ceviche Stop

Ceviche Stop is an American restaurant located in Culver City, Los Angeles. They serve some of the best seafood in LA and have a great ambiance for it. The atmosphere is cozy and intimate so you can dine here without feeling like you are being watched.

Stop inside the Mexican restaurant of Culver City’s Ceviche. This is a godsend place for Peruvian cuisine, which focuses on fresh seafood. Make sure to have a taste of the house special, called the Hangover, which is a ceviche dish that includes a fried clam, a large portion of the fish that day, fried seaweed, sweet potatoes roasted to a brown-ish brown color, and corn kernels from Peru.

Duke’s Malibu

Duke’s Malibu is the quintessential restaurant in the heart of the city of Malibu, California. It’s a huge, glass-enclosed building that looks out over the Pacific Ocean. Duke Kahanamoku, a famous Hawaiian swimmer and surfer that brought surfing to the world in the 1920s, is the reason the restaurant was named as such.

This hot spot serves up fine dining with a touch of Hawaii and beautiful water views. You can find everything you want at Duke’s Malibu, whether you like coconut French toast, want a Hawaiian-style ceviche, or prefer to eat tuna poke and other delicious fresh seafood. On Sundays, they hold big buffets. After enjoying the incredible food at their buffet, you’ll want to go swimming to burn off some of the calories, for sure!

Whiskey Red’s

Placed in the Marina Del Rey, Whiskey Red’s is a great place to go for a seafood buffet. This restaurant serves up delicious seafood dishes and has some of the best crab legs in LA. They also have amazing sides, like guacamole and pico de gallo, that you can pair with your fresh seafood.

Whiskey Red’s has one of the nicest patios in all of Los Angeles. You can sit and watch boats go by and enjoy a cocktail or two. It’s also a great place to have a great Happy Hour on Mondays and Fridays, right as the sunset starts. Sunday brunch at The Champagne Buffet is a hit. The menu includes a wonderful selection of homemade omelets, pasta, fresh seafood and a selection of desserts. It even includes complimentary champagne and mimosas, too!

How Do You Find the Best Seafood Buffet in Los Angeles?

After looking at all of the seafood buffets in Los Angeles, you will definitely be able to find something that suits your taste. After tasting a few of the different types of seafood, you might want to come back and return for more! You can also start building your own seafood buffet at home as well. With fresh salmon or shrimp, some fresh vegetables and a seaweed salad, you can make a great Asian-style dish that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone!

Hopefully, from the list we’ve given you, you can easily find the best place to dine with your friends and family. We recommend going to one of the seafood buffets in Los Angeles because they will definitely impress you!

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