Best Sleep Away Camps For Kids In Los Angeles

Sleep away camps are a popular activity for teens and children. For many kids, the thought of spending time with other children in a remote location is exciting. The idea of meeting new friends and exploring new places appeals to many kids. The excitement can be intensified when the opportunity to sleep over at camp is presented as part of the deal.

Families will often find themselves limited on where they can send their children during the school year depending on their living arrangements. Sleep away camps are one way that parents can provide their child with an experience where they get to interact with other children while still getting some time back at home with their family. If you’re one of these people, you’ll be happy to know that there are many sleep away camps available throughout Los Angeles, and we’re here to help you highlight the best ones!

What are the Best Sleep Away Camps in LA?

Any good parent would want to make sure their child is safe during their stay at a sleep away camp. This means that there are very strict rules regarding the age range and physical abilities of children who can attend camp. The sleep away camps in LA we’re talking about here are no exception to this rule, so you can be confident that their policies will be followed. Here are the best sleep away camps in LA you should consider for your kids:

Camp Hess Kramer and Gindling Hilltop Camp

Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps has been providing fun and inclusive camps for children and their families for almost 70 years. They strive to create a community that believes that everyone should feel welcome, included, cared for and supported; and they believe that everyone should feel connected and challenged.

Wilshire Boulevard Temple offers a fun and energetic environment with two different camps that are held during the summers. Both camps are extremely unique and offer children a Jewish experience that they will not receive anywhere else. Hess Kramer is the much larger camp out of the two, and it offers an engaging experience for all children with enough capacity for 350 people, though this includes both staff and the happy campers. Meanwhile, Gindling Hilltop Camp is only big enough for 150. Either way, Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps give children an opportunity to learn more about their Jewish heritage and to have a summer that they will remember for a lifetime.

Best Sleep Away Camps For Kids In Los Angeles

Pali Adventure Camp

Pali offers kids an incredible camp experience. Kids can choose one sport that they’d like to specialize in for one week, and they will work on that sport every day. There are 25 different activities that kids can choose from, including movies, art, science, water sports, motorsports, and many more. Kids can live out their imagination while they learn from some of the best experts, improving their confidence and letting them learn new skills.

Pali Adventure Summer Camps are for kids ages 6 to 15, though you do have the choice to prolong their stay. Campers are assigned to groups that are composed of up to two counselors and ten children. Pali Adventures ensures that your kid will have the most enjoyable experience of his or her life.

Catalina Sea Camp

A summer camp experience on Catalina Island is fantastic for anyone! Catalina Sea Camp has been around for 40 years and offers more than 60 different outdoor adventure activities befitting a typical camping place. These include scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, and fishing. Campers at Catalina Sea Camp have the chance to enjoy both land and sea as a way to have the best experience during their summer vacation.

Catalina Sea Camp offers exciting summer programs for kids ages eight to seventeen. Biologists enjoy great camp experiences that include boat trips, swimming, and even the chance to see wild animals!

Bar 717 Ranch/Camp Trinity

Bar 717 Ranch is a co-educational summer camp that was established in 1930. It is the oldest camp in California. Trinity is the oldest co-ed camp in California. Kids can go archery, archery, fishing, hiking, cooking, and more. Your kids can enjoy nearly 500 acres of ranch land. They’ll learn pioneering skills to be more resourceful in life, explore the wild, and have fun doing it. While the camp is located in the mountains of Northern California, it is worth the trip for the unique experience.

Camp is surrounded by mountains and meadows, with many creeks and rivers to swim in, and there are miles of trails to explore. Campers learn how to be responsible for themselves and others by participating in ranch activities and having fun. Campers can choose from a variety of different activities. Canoeing, backpacking, gardening, taking care of animals, making music, archery, and much more!

Kennolyn Camps

Sleepaway Camp nestles among 450 acres of redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Its unique location lets kids play outside and spend quality time with their friends. This camp has created a town like town in the middle of the forest where campers can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as swimming, ropes courses, golf, soccer, and many more. Kids can play all sorts of outdoor games and interact with the farm animals that live on site. Sleeping quarters are comfortable cabins that are close to the camper-friendly town square that sleep 10 children and two counselors.

Since 1946, Kennolyn Camps has allowed kids ages 6 to 16 to be their best selves, disconnect from all the noises that modern life creates, and develop lifelong friendships. Campers can choose from two different locations. There is a small village in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and there is a small lodge on the shores of Huntington Lake.

Final Thoughts

Sleep away camps are the best way to give your kids an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. With these five camps, you’ll have no trouble finding the one that matches your family’s needs and desires. So relax, have fun, and enjoy this summer without worrying about your child’s safety.

Kim is an 80s wild child. She loves to write on all things LA related. Kim enjoys watching TV shows such as The A Team. Kim started her writing career with a Bachelor of Journalism and Communication from Rowan University in New Jersey. Over the years, Kim has written for a variety of publications on world-topics. She’s married and shares 2 kids with her husband. They make their home in Irvine, California, where they enjoy camping trips along the coast.

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