Best Places For Snow Play Near Los Angeles

Snow is fun and while it is not all that common in Southern California, it can still be an amazing experience. Los Angeles has a great selection of parks to keep kids entertained in the winter months. The following article highlights some of the best places around Los Angeles for snow play.

This article will be covering five of the most popular locations near Los Angeles where you can find ample amounts of snow and ice to fill your children with joy this winter.

What are the Best Spots for Snow Play in LA?

Whether you’re going with kids, with a significant other, or on your own, picking the right spot for some snow play is important. You need to know that it’ll be both fun and safe. This is especially important if you’re bringing the young ones. After all, you don’t want them to get hurt or at least be exposed to something that could be dangerous for their health. That’s why we’re going to give you a list of the top 5 most popular places in Los Angeles where you can find plenty of snow and ice.

Snow Play at Mammoth Mountain

This mountain town offers more than just ski slopes – it offers fun outdoor activities too! You can have the best sled rides at Woolly’s Tube Park. In case you aren’t tall enough to enjoy the thrills of the sled ride, Woolly’s also has a nice snow park area and a heated deck to enjoy some hot beverages and hot cocoa.

Mammoth Mountain is worth the drive because of all the great skiing you’ll have here. There’s nothing better than ripping down a perfectly formed run and having a blast doing it! With snowmobiles, cruisers and hard-chargers can enjoy miles of tree-lined trails and massive meadows.

Your kids will have the best lessons with our small groups! The kids will learn the things they need to know based on their age and their current skill level. No matter what your child’s current skill level is, they will learn the basics of snowboarding and be a master at it in no time!

Snow Play at Big Bear

Big Bear Snow Play has some of the longest runs in Southern California, accessible via a Magic Carpet uphill lift that takes you directly to the top of the mountain and gives you an easy way to get downhill without tiring out walking uphill. Lift-assisted inner tubes let you and your kiddos keep active while doing exciting downhill twists and turns, instead of walking uphill. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can also try out their new night tubing rink.

Best Places For Snow Play Near Los Angeles

You’ll find Big Bear Mountain Resort about two hours north of Los Angeles, where a lot of snow has fallen. If you’ve been wanting to take the family out to ski or snowboard, this is the place to do it. Have you been worried that you will get hungry? Search up their mobile app to order food and drink in advance, thereby saving you time.

Snow Play at Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead Village and the lake itself are only two hours from Los Angeles, and it is an amazing winter destination. Arrowhead Village is an adorable village that is set in the woods and has the charm of a Swiss village and a wide range of modern amenities. You can play snowballs in the winter and go snowboarding or ice skating at the Silver Bell Arena at SkyPark Santa’s Village. Many local restaurants and shops are open to all visitors.

Village businesses include charming specialty shops and outlet stores. There are many places where you can enjoy dining and shopping. There are several convenience stores and a post office as well. You can spend a few days there and stay in a cabin on the lake.

Snow Play at Yeti’s Snow Park

If you are planning on visiting Mountain High this winter, make it a snow day at Yetis Snow Parks. They are open weekends and holidays at both the East and North Resorts. Slide down the tubing lanes and meet the Yetis and their friends. Take a scenic sky chair ride to see the beautiful surroundings. It’s a beautiful place to go ice skating, climbing a snow wall, exploring the Yeti cave, or snowshoeing.

Mountain High is Southern California’s gateway to winter. It is only a little under two hours from Los Angeles and it does not require any mountain driving to reach it. Yeti’s Snow Parks can be visited both during public holidays as well as regular weekends at Mountain High Resorts, both in the North and in the East.

Snow Play at Mount San Jacinto Park

Mount San Jacinto State Park is only two to three hours away from Los Angeles, and it is a beautiful park where you can experience snow and enjoy nature. You can go sledding, cross-country skiing, and snow tubing here, among other activities. Mount San Jacinto State Park does not groom snow-bound trails; there are no marked trails or signs that indicate where you should go. Use your GPS to navigate the park.

If you visit one of the parks, you should call either the Idyllwild or the Long Valley ranger stations to check on the snow conditions. Take the tram to the top of the mountain to climb to the top. When you get to the top of Mount San Jacinto State Park, you can do anything you want in the snow! There are two restos at the top if you are feeling very hungry.

How to Find the Best Snow Play Place

If you’re looking for a place to play in the snow, you will probably want to pick somewhere that is close and convenient to your home or work. If you live in Los Angeles, this could be difficult because most of the places are at least two hours away from where you live. However, there are still some pretty good options around Los Angeles that aren’t too far. Start your search for the best snow play spot by referring to the list we’ve compiled!

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