Fun Places To Trick Or Treating Around Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city full of fun things to do, and there are many great places to trick or treat around the city. There are many neighborhoods that have organized trick or treating events every year. Your kids will love these events, and they’re a great way to give back to the community.

A good trick or treating spot should ideally have plenty of homes with people inside. This will ensure that you can easily get candy from the neighbors. You should also avoid neighborhoods that have a lot of gang activity. These areas are generally dangerous, and you shouldn’t visit them if you’re planning on trick or treating.

Halloween in Los Angeles is an exciting time for the city, and there are many fun things to do around the city. If you’re looking for a fun Halloween activity, these are the best places to trick or treat in Los Angeles.

Angelino Heights

If your children are old enough to handle hills and scary mansions, Angelino Heights is a great choice for you. It is one of the oldest locations in Los Angeles, and the residents do not spend much time trying to decorate their Victorian homes. The residents of the neighborhood clearly work hard to make the neighborhood ready for Halloween. It is worth your time to explore the streets between Sunset Boulevard and the Hollywood Freeway. If you follow the streets around the Hollywood Freeway, you’ll experience a Halloween like no other!

The Angelina Heights area has a number of Victorian bungalows and mansions, which are all wonderful for a spooky Halloween. Older trick or treaters can enjoy the steep hills and beautiful homes of this historic neighborhood. You’ll get a taste of L.A. history, with your stash of nontraditional cars and motorcycles. Residents of the area known as the Haunted District of Los Angeles enjoy Halloween festivities all year long, and do not skimp on the candy!

It does not get any creepier than that. You might visit the house that was used in the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy an enjoyable viewing experience inside the giant mansion located at 1345 Carroll Ave. Every person’s house is decorated in their best Halloween costumes, so you will find plenty of opportunities to take photos.

Fun Places To Trick Or Treating Around Los Angeles

Toluca Lake

Toluca Lake is well recognized for its film and television studios that live here. It’s a highly sought after neighborhood where local residents often go trick or treat. During the evening, it is extremely popular among the residents of the hillside homes. They often leave their homes to walk through sprawling neighborhoods and trick or treat in the front yards of their houses.

Bob Hope reformed his household on Ledge Avenue and Moorpark Street. It’s a great place to start your walk to the flats for Halloween. Even though Bob and Dolores no longer give out large candy bars and kazoos, nearby neighbors continue to show they truly have a Halloween spirit.

People were inspired by the large crowds that comedian Bob Hope attracted with his generous acts of kindness. You can expect a lot of candy from people who work for the film industry, but the houses are conveniently located so that you can walk between them easily, unlike some areas that are more affluent.

Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre is a ghost town nestled between the Halloween loving communities of Pasadena and Altadena, but it has enough crafty residents to make Halloween a totally creative affair. We adore this spot because of the charming atmosphere, and because it has beautifully decorated craftsman houses.

Alegria Street is a popular tourist destination in the heart of Sierra Madre, an adorable community east of Pasadena that is famous for its beautifully decorated homes and bungalows for Halloween. For the Halloween festivities, families visit a small community near Los Angeles for ghoulish decorations and a dozen professionally carved pumpkins created by local artists. Don’t think that because of all this effort, they skimp out on the candies. Contrary to that belief, the candies are also the best in Sierra Madre!

Beverly Hills

You can find good treats in the Beverly Hills neighborhood. And you can enjoy the elaborate decorations in the neighborhood, too. The Beverly Hills Flats neighborhood borders Santa Monica Blvd, so it lies just south of Sunset Blvd. That doorbell at the Witch’s House at Walden Drive in Beverly Hills is pretty special, remember that? There are several places to go, and it looks like a real witch’s cottage with eerie overgrown trees and a creaky fence.

The most voracious trick or treaters go down the streets of Beverly Hills yearly in a hunt for scrumptious candy bars and envelopes of cash, as that’s what Halloween is all about. Many people have discovered that a particularly good trick or treat spot is Walden Drive. Get there early in the morning to enjoy homes that are well dressed in Halloween clothing and other gory mischief.

Brentwood Heights

Brentwood Glen is a quiet neighborhood in Los Angeles that offers a slice of country life despite the hustle and bustle of the city life. This place is great for getting candy for young children learning how to behave. The neighborhood south of Sunset Boulevard and west of the 405 is great for children who are learning to behave like they should. In addition, the residents generously give out Halloween candy to trick or treaters while also showing off their Halloween spirit with beautiful decorated homes and glowing carved pumpkins. If you want to eat some good food, you should go to the festively decorated Brentwood Country Mart.

This is a great neighborhood for young children who are planning their first trick or treat. It is a small neighborhood with many cute houses located near each other and some of them have amazing decorations. There are a large number of fun haunted houses here, however, there are very few cars. Start your night with a shopping trip to the Brentwood Country Mart and head to Santa Monica in the neighborhood.

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