Farms Strawberry Picking In Los Angeles

Strawberry picking is a very popular activity in Los Angeles and there are many farms that provide this service. Many people are interested in this activity and they enjoy the strawberry picking experience. People can choose the farm that they want to visit, but it is not necessary to do so. The price of strawberry picking varies from farm to farm.

When choosing a farm for strawberry picking, people should consider many factors before deciding which one to visit. They should consider whether or not the farm has a nice facility, whether or not it is located in a nice area, and if the cost of strawberry picking is reasonable.

Some people might be interested in visiting several farms to get different types of strawberries because each type has its own taste and flavor. It is best for people to choose a farm that provides strawberries from different regions as well as types of strawberries for their pickings because it will give them a wider variety of flavors. If you’re looking for a strawberry picking experience, then Los Angeles is the place to visit.

Tanaka Farms

Tanaka Farm is a working farm that has been producing berries that are as sweet as some of the best in the state. If you want to try some fresh strawberries, know that you can find them at the farm stand that is open every day.

When you book your tour on your company website, you can expect to take a tour of this working farm and then stop for a quick vegetable pick-up. Your tour will conclude at the Strawberry Fields. Tour guides will explain about the farm and the ways it was established to grow the juicy berries. Each guest will receive one pound of strawberries as part of their admission fee. If you picked some delicious strawberries, explore the barnyard and see some of the animals that live on this farm.

Underwood Family Farms

Underwood Family Farms is the place to go if you want to do more than just pick some strawberry bushes. You can experience several other farm attractions like horseback riding, archery, and even go on a guided tour of the animals. A fun ride on one of the beautiful farm wagons, a stop at the farm store to buy some honey and fresh cut flowers, and the opportunity to pick some fresh vegetables at the farm shop make this an all-day outing for many families. You can rent a wagon to haul your produce home from the fields or it can be hired to load it on a bus and bring it to your vehicle.

Children can go to Underwood Family Farms to experience farm life and take home a basket filled with delicious, locally grown berries. Some of the farm’s berries are harvested during the summer and used as a venue for summer camps. There are pumpkin patches in the fall and winter, and there are activities like an Easter visit and a feeding of baby ducks. You can plan a birthday party here year round.

Farms Strawberry Picking In Los Angeles

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

Garden Grove has been celebrating strawberries since it was first settled, more than 60 years ago. Garden Grove Strawberry Festival is a 3-day festival filled with rides, live music, contests, and a parade that features all things strawberry related. The festival takes place each year during Memorial Day Weekend. See our event calendar for specific dates. There are no U-pick strawberries this year, but plenty of strawberries are ripe and ready to be purchased.

Kenny’s Strawberry Farms

Kenny’s Farm makes picking strawberries easy and fun for all ages. First, and this is important, you must make your reservations online or by phone. When you arrive at the farm, you can pick your own strawberries, and then enjoy some delicious treats from the restaurant. You can pay for your basket when you arrive. Then, go to the ice cream shop! This means that the website and phone lines are updated daily to let you know if there are any changes in the weather or berry supply that will affect the hours that you pick strawberries.

Kenny’s Farm is only open from Friday to Sunday and they have plenty of ice cream available. Kenny’s Farm is also home to a terrific restaurant called Kenny’s Farm Kitchen. There are also strawberry cocktails and strawberry shortcake on the menu. You definitely won’t want to miss out on these delicious treats.

Kenny’s has been providing delicious strawberries to SoCal for over a decade. This year, if you can’t go to the farm without making a reservation, consider visiting Kenny’s Farm Kitchen for ice cream bars.

Carlsbad Strawberry Company

Carlsbad Strawberry Company is a family run farm that is excited to host your family and allow them to share the joy of strawberry picking with you. They have been farming for four generations and have a huge selection of strawberries. Their farm is amazing and the strawberry fields are amazing! Because of their passion for strawberries and their many years of experience, they are able to offer a wide variety of strawberries that are of the highest quality.

They can provide you with fields for your group to enjoy. They have nice fields for family outings, dates, field trips, team building, and so much more. Their strawberries are among the sweetest you can find, grown with love and passion. They give a generous helping hand to local schools, churches and other groups. We are always trying to give something back to the community and so we work with local schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations to make the community a better place.

Riley’s at Los Rios Rancho

Rileys at Los Rios Rancho is a family run operation that specializes in historic events and heirloom apple growing. They offer family-friendly and wholesome activities such as pick-up pumpkins and apples, horse drawn carriage rides, and more. They strive to create a welcoming atmosphere that is friendly and that resembles the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the early years. During the fall season, the farm offers a variety of activities including the chance to pick apples and pick pumpkins, go on horse drawn carriage rides, and make u-press cider.

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