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Best Christmas Holiday Events Los Angeles


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time for families to get together and spend time with each other. They get to eat delicious food, open presents, and play games. This is the best time of the year for Los Angeles locals to have fun!

Whether you’re going to be at home with your family or on vacation, there are plenty of places in Los Angeles to celebrate Christmas. If you’re planning on being at home, you should definitely check out the decorations. There are Christmas lights everywhere in the city. The most popular place to see Christmas lights is on Hollywood Boulevard, and it’s the perfect place to visit with your family.

If you’re going to be on vacation, you should definitely check out some of the other popular holiday activities. Here are some of the best holiday events in Los Angeles.

Holiday Time at Disneyland

Christmas is a magical time of year for theme parks in both parks. During December, Disney California Adventure Park will host the annual Festival of the Holidays and Viva Navidad, with many delicious treats for guests. Santa Claus visits the park during this time, too. Disneyland hosts the annual It’s a Small World holiday event, and there are lots of magical fireworks displays in the park.

When the pumpkins from Halloween go away on Main Street, the Disneyland Resort begins to celebrate the holidays. Disneyland transforms into the happiest place on earth for a full two months during the holiday season, with holiday decorations and shows on nearly every day. From the holiday lights that sparkle in Cars Land to the icicles that decorate Sleeping Beauty Castle, there are plenty of different decorations to enjoy in the theme parks.

Melrose Rooftop Theater

Melrose Rooftop Theatre is putting on a great movie series, featuring classic films like Home Alone, The Grinch, and Die Hard, which will be showing all through Christmas Eve. Heat lamps will be on hand to help you warm up as you wait for your film to start, and you can get a meal and a drink from the newly opened E.P. Restaurant, or go casual with snacks and specialty cocktails. After-dark screenings of holiday movies give guests a wonderful view of the city from the rooftop of the Melrose Theater.

Street Food Cinema will be at the city’s iconic Heritage Square Museum to host Yuletide Cinemaland, a holiday festival that includes classic movies and a winter village. You’ll walk through a tunnel lit up with more than 20,000 lights, before seeing an enchanting village filled with beautifully decorated homes from the Victorian era. Stop by the Tinsel Tavern Bar and enjoy a special Christmas drink, as well as food trucks to get some more food on the go.

Best Christmas Holiday Events Los Angeles

Knott’s Merry Farm

Enjoy even more magical moments at Knott’s Merry Farm this holiday season, which runs from November 19th through January 2nd. You’ll see miles of twinkling lights and Christmas decorations, plus activities for families to enjoy while they are here. There are several special holiday events throughout the park, including a show that features the famous Beagle, plus world-class ice skaters in Merry Christmas, Snoopy!

You can take in the spectacular ceremony that lights the Christmas tree and decorates it to make it look magical. You can also enjoy the magical Snow and Glow experience, a Christmas light show at Camp Snoopy, and so much more.


Jingle 5 Carolers, a group that performs pop-a-cappella music, will perform from 2 to 6 pm on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There will be stilt walkers to walk on the tops of candy canes, a sweet-smelling Christmas show with animated soldiers and dancers, and live music by a holiday jazz band.

Santa Claus and his helpers will be available on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 4 pm to allow guests to socialize and take photos with the Santa Claus family. It’s a great way to prepare yourself before going to see the Los Angeles Ballet perform The Nutcracker at the Dolby Theater.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The quaint village of Hogsmeade is transformed into a magical Christmas village for visitors to enjoy. You can stroll along the streets of Hogsmeade while enjoying a delicious hot drink or a meal at Three Broomsticks. Shop for unique gifts, like personalized ornaments, decorations, scarves and stockings. Frogs sing some of your favorite holiday favorites in this delightful concert.

Starting at dusk each night, The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle inspires visitors with stunning images and animated characters that give visitors a holiday experience like no other experience in the world.

Little Tokyo

This holiday season, don’t just shop, but show that you love Little Tokyo by supporting one of Los Angeles’ most iconic and historic neighborhoods. There are many different ways you can show your love for Little Tokyo by shopping in its charming shops and restaurants and enjoying the beautiful Christmas decorations that decorate Japanese Village Plaza.

Dodgers Stadium

The Los Angeles Dodgers are hosting a Holiday Festival at their stadium! The festival will take place in the new Centerfield Plaza, in the bullpen, and in the designated areas behind the bases. Open every night at 9 p.m. The festival features performances, ice skating, a Santa Claus photo op, a variety of food and beverages, and a parade.

Tickets start at $16 each and are available in advance online. Tickets are available for Santa photo opportunities in the bullpen and for ice skating in the outfield (rentals are allowed). Tickets are available online at the Dodgers Holiday Festival website. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

Reindeer Road

You may be one of the people who secretly loved the fact that things changed to a drive-thru format last year, allowing you to enjoy authentic holiday joy from the comfort of your car and have very little social interaction. Reindeer Road is open rain or shine, and if you buy a ticket, you can take your whole family along for the ride.

Mommy Me Classes Los Angeles


Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing experiences that a woman can have. It’s an exciting time and there are many things that you need to learn. One of the most important things that you need to learn is how to be a better mother. There are many classes in Los Angeles for mothers and these classes can help you be a better mother.

A good way to learn how to be a better mother is by taking classes with your children, or even while you’re still expecting. You can take Mommy & Me classes with your children in Los Angeles, and they will help you be a better mother and help your children grow up into good adults. If you’re wondering what classes are good for your children, check out our list below!

Camelot Little Nights

There are classes that are designed for children who are 2 months old to 3 years old. Classes include yoga, movement, and other activities that will make you feel good. There are classes in all sorts of things: Yoga, art, music, sign language, and more. They offer classes that are great for parents who are trying to ease the transition to parenthood by offering a wide variety of classes that help you have more meaningful conversations, and offer helpful guidance.

Silverlake Yoga

Silverlake Yoga was founded in 1995, making it one of the oldest yoga studios in Silverlake. Bring your baby to a fun, supportive yoga class for parents. It’s great to reconnect with your body and get some exercise.

Learn some amazing Hatha Yoga, including practices from yoga masters such as Iyengar and Ashtanga and meditation. You will meet other expectant mothers and moms from all over the world. It is their goal to teach you yoga safely and with great instruction in a calm, relaxed and friendly environment. It is their mission to provide you with quality yoga instruction that is easy to understand and is fun. It’s a great place for you to meet like-minded people and create a sense of community while you bond with your baby.


SignShine is an upscale parenting center in Beverly Hills that teaches parents and children healthy communication skills, and helps babies learn to communicate verbally. Parents learn how to communicate with their children using a unique method that will help you to become a good parent. SignShine is a family communication and relationship building center that teaches children how to communicate and behave in healthy ways. It also teaches babies to sleep well and how to communicate well during the day.

It is a great way to do a group class as well as a Parenting Support Group. SignShine helps babies and parents communicate more effectively by teaching them sign language. Children will develop faster, be happier, be able to express themselves more clearly and be better able to learn basic sign language.

Mommy Me Classes Los Angeles

Zooga Yoga

Zooga Yoga was the first yoga studio in Los Angeles to specifically focus on kids and families. Zooga Yoga teaches yoga in a fun, creative and exciting way. It includes traditional yoga poses and fun activities, like animal and partner poses, single, couple, and group games, plus fun music and props.

Little Monkeys is a signature class offered at Zooga Yoga. In this class, parents and children share time to explore their bodies through engaging activities that involve playing with animals and breathing techniques, partner poses and exciting music. Yoga classes for parents and their children include all the fun things that babies, toddlers, and their parents can do. There are fun animal poses, an interactive animal wall, and you can even bring your own mat and play a game! Learning how to do breathing techniques and partner poses with other children is also an enjoyable experience. All levels of physical and emotional fitness are welcome.

Baila Baila

Baila Baila teaches children to speak Spanish through the use of music and movement. Learn Spanish while playing games and listening to music together at Baila Baila! Kids learn Spanish through music and movement and are encouraged to practice their skills through art and music. You and your baby will have 45 minutes to bond and learn new words and sounds together. You can dance, read books, or sing along as you speak Spanish!

Children can help their parents and teachers by using their faces and hands to help them learn new words and sounds. It is all about the activities that the teachers use in the classes to help kids understand what they are learning, even while they are playing with other children or with their parents. Teachers are also talented musicians, making it easy for parents to motivate their kids to learn Spanish.

Things to Know About Mommy Me Classes

Toddlers are very active, so having structured classes in place can be helpful. Children love routines, so knowing that the class starts a certain way each time will help them to be organized. It can also help you to stay on top of your routines. Having a class that ends with a brief cleaning period is helpful for kids to learn how to stay on task.

Parents sometimes want to go to classes together with their babies or their children, and you’ll find plenty of them in SoCal. Teaching babies to swim is fun and helps them to learn how to be safe in the water. It’s fun for both parents and children to do together.

Many families enjoy the same things about having children, so you may find men in some Mommy and Me classes. If you’re a dad, it’s okay to ask to join a class that only has women in it, but it’s a good idea to first check with the teacher. It’s an individual choice, but many people are comfortable having their children with mothers. Some classes that are very popular with parents offer extra special sessions for dads only. It’s great to know ahead of time!

Best Shave Ice In Around Los Angeles


Shaved ice is a popular ice cream treat. Shaved ice is made by mixing water with ice and pouring it over a block of ice. This process is similar to the making of snow cones. Shaved ice is usually made from shaved ice, which is cubes of frozen water mixed with shaved ice and other ingredients. The blocks of shaved ice are usually square or rectangular in shape, but can be any shape you like.

Some common ingredients for shaved ice include syrup, chocolate syrup, sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, and more. There are many places around Los Angeles that offer different types of shaved ice that children can enjoy as a part of their regular treat meals throughout the year at different times. They’re perfect for when you are craving something sweet to eat or want to try something new. The best part about these places is that they offer the most unique flavors. You can find many different types of flavors, including some you have never tasted before.

Nobu Los Angeles

Kakigori was invented in the 11th century. It was first found as ice froze throughout the winter and was then put in ice houses and shaved when summer came to be turned into fancy desserts for nobles. Traditionally, you would top kakigori with an ivy sap-based syrup. Nowadays, however, fruit-based syrups are more easily found. Kakigori is made from real ice, not flavorful ice or flavored juices, and it tastes superb when drizzled with sweet syrup.

Although many kinds of kakigori are now available, the classic Japanese version is much more meticulous about finding just the right mix of ingredients. Nobu places great emphasis on using only the best water, and some even boast about the special water they use.

Shave It

You will find some fantastic ice cream at this little shop in Norwalk. The ice is so perfectly shaped it is more like Japanese kakigori than a more coarsely seasoned American snow cone.

There are a few more different flavors to choose from if you want to try something really different. You can get a Nintendo Crash with lime and cherry, or a Tropical Swell with macadamia nut ice cream. You can keep it simple using only one or two flavors of ice cream, to show how wonderful the ice is.

Class 302

Taiwan has leveled the playing field by inventing shaved snow. It’s made by freezing condensed milk and then shaving it into thin ribbons. It’s made by putting cold milk that’s been flavored with flavors like green tea or mango in a large pot and then shaving it into thin ribbons. You can add fresh fruits, sweetened condensed milk, mochi, cookies or other sweet treats to make it delicious. Class 302 in Los Angeles and Orange counties was one of the first places in Southern California to get Taiwanese shaved snow. It offers flavors like green tea and mango, and even delicious cookies and cream.

Best Shave Ice In Around Los Angeles

Class 302, a shaved-ice store, was first opened in a Rowland Heights strip mall, but the business has since expanded to Cerritos and Irvine. It is actually a thin, flaky ice which is flavored like green tea and mango and given to a group of teenagers as a snack. They also offer flavored milkshakes, such as green tea or mango, for customers. Some employees love to top their snow with a few pieces of fresh fruit, sweetened condensed milk, mochi, rich red beans, sweet pudding or some other sweet item.

Big Island Eats and Shave Ice

Big Island Eats and Shave Ice is a local establishment that opened up at a large department store in Palos Verdes. It’s easy to find everything on their menu, from kalua pork to musubi to shaved ice, and you can even order one of their delicious shakes. All of the syrups that they make are made in-house, like fresh passion fruit and guava. They also make a pretty sweet-smelling syrup from sugar cane. It’s hard to find things on the market like melon bars and chi chi dango.

At Big Island Eats and Shave Ice, you can choose between two to five flavors, and you can add some extra toppings if you’d like. You can try one of their incredible Shave Shakes, which are made with real milkshake ingredients. They make their own shaved ice shakes, which are an amazing dessert. The shakes are layered with homemade, real fruit syrup and ice cream.

Mr. Coffee

Bing Soo is a Korean ice cream special that’s served at this coffeehouse across the street from the Wiltern Theater. The space is open to the public and features a brick-style fireplace, brown leather banquettes, and comfortable chairs.

The bingsoo dessert at this joint is served in generous portions that are ideal for sharing. It is a giant bowl of ice cream, banana slices, kiwis, red beans, whipped cream, fruity pebbles and more. Stir and enjoy this slushy pink dessert made from shaved ice and pink fruit. If you want to add more ingredients to your drink, you can get drinks made with things like strawberry, ice cream, or coffee.


Okrumong is a bingsoo specialty store that sells all types of ice cream. They have a branch in Torrance, but we’d recommend the one in Koreatown’s Serrano Marketplace. It is a large, open space with a lot of white and wood walls, but the food is served in the open kitchen area.

Their black snow bowl features fluffy ice cubes with black sesame and sweetened condensed milk, and there are golden spoons to help you eat it. Other popular choices include the gold snow bowl and the OG snow bowl.

Final Thoughts

Shaved ice is the perfect dessert for people who like sweet, creamy treats. It’s also good for sharing with friends and family. If you like the frozen dessert, then you should try hitting up one of these LA joints! You’ll be sure to have a great time. Make sure to check out the rest of our blog to find other great Los Angeles hotspots.

Best Kid Friendly Museums In Los Angeles


Museums are a great way to learn about the world and its history. There are many museums in Los Angeles that are great for kids, and some of them are right here in Los Angeles. You can check out these museums with your children, and you can make it a day trip for your family.

Picking a museum can be a difficult task, and it is important to pick the right one. You should check out the museums with your children and find out what they like. You can check out their interests and find the museums that will help them learn about things they are interested in.

All in all, these museums are great for kids and families. They offer educational and entertaining programs for children of all ages. They have special exhibits that will give you a new perspective on the world, and they have amazing resources that will help you learn more about the world around you.

Autry Museum of the American West

The Autry Museum is a unique cultural institution that reflects the art and history of the American West. The Autry Museum is home to many permanent exhibits that help visitors understand how western culture has changed throughout time. The Autry Museum features a wide variety of items from all over the world, including movie props and memorabilia, ancient weapons, armor, and paintings.

Autry has over 500,000 objects in its collection, including one of the most important museums of American Indian art in the United States. The Autry Museum offers a large selection of educational, fun, family friendly, and interactive activities. Kids can learn how sound effects are created and how to locate fake gold during a gold rush. They can also ride on top of a mockup of a horse and pretend to be a part of a western film.

La Brea Tar Pits & Museum

The museum is located at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, which is the only continuously active archaeological site in the world. It hosts one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of fossils. They excavate an ice age creature found in tar pits and bring them inside of the Page Museum to demonstrate how paleontologists work.

Visit the underground tar pits, learn about the tar pits and the archaeological digs that they are doing, and explore the history of the tar pits. The museum houses a vast collection of skeletons of mammals, as well as a bunch of saber-toothed cats and other birds.

Visit the Page Museum in La Brea to see what they have found and to experience the famous film Titans of the Ice Age 3D. Take some food with you, or go to a nearby restaurant, and enjoy a picnic at the Hancock Park picnic area in the middle of the tar pits. Then go on an adventure with the kids by going up and down the hills with them!

Best Kid Friendly Museums In Los Angeles

Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen is great for children who are interested in having fun and learning something new. There are activities for kids of all ages. Petersen Automotive Museum, based in Los Angeles, teaches visitors about the history of automobiles and their impact on society and the world. You can participate in interactive exhibits, art projects, car-related workshops, and many other things.

You can participate in a hands-on experience at Petersen Automotive Museum named the Cars Mechanical Institute, which is directly inspired by Cars, the children’s movie. The permanent exhibit on mechanics of cars is an extraordinary learning environment to discover the mechanical systems that make the automobiles run. You can paint, decorate and create custom cars. You can race and customize your very own character, and take home great souvenirs. And the youngest car lovers can race their own toy cars on the race track.

Hammer Museum

Hammer Museum is one of three public art institutions that are part of the School of the Arts and Architecture at UCLA. It also hosts programs related to performing arts and cultural events. It also hosts a variety of other dynamic events and programs throughout the year, including talks, symposia, film series, readings, and musical performances.

The Hammer is home to over 2,000 works and operates more than 100 contemporary exhibitions and art installations that feature emerging artists from the area, the nation, and around the world. The Hammer Museum has more than 300 programs each year. Many of them are family friendly, and they are free of charge!

Los Angeles County Museum of the Arts

This museum is a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of art. Children are encouraged to create in the art gallery and learn how to paint with a brush. You don’t need any prior art experience. Children can learn about painting techniques and get helpful tips from the knowledgeable staff. There are even high chairs for younger guests.

To have fun at the communal tables, this beautiful, family friendly, and creative place to relax, create, and meet new friends is a great place. You can visit the exhibition Material Play, a work by local artist Zheng Chongbin. Some of the outdoor sculpture gardens are open to visitors, and they offer some incredible and iconic sights to see. You ought to try walking beneath Levitated Mass, a huge boulder that appears to be suspended from a walkway. It gives you an idea of how incredible the engineering is.

The Skirball Cultural Center

Since 1996, The Skirball Cultural Center has been a dynamic Jewish cultural center in Los Angeles. Its mission is to explore the connections between the vitality of American democracy and 4,000 years of Jewish heritage. This organization is designed to provide a cultural context that allows visitors to connect with people from all walks of life and to understand more about the Jewish people and American democracy.

The Skirball Cultural Center achieves this by way of a series of educational programs that explore different cultural traditions and themes from around the world; through an impressive collection of art and historical objects, and through an educational and entertaining experience for children that tells the story of the creation of the Earth.

Fun Places To Trick Or Treating Around Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city full of fun things to do, and there are many great places to trick or treat around the city. There are many neighborhoods that have organized trick or treating events every year. Your kids will love these events, and they’re a great way to give back to the community.

A good trick or treating spot should ideally have plenty of homes with people inside. This will ensure that you can easily get candy from the neighbors. You should also avoid neighborhoods that have a lot of gang activity. These areas are generally dangerous, and you shouldn’t visit them if you’re planning on trick or treating.

Halloween in Los Angeles is an exciting time for the city, and there are many fun things to do around the city. If you’re looking for a fun Halloween activity, these are the best places to trick or treat in Los Angeles.

Angelino Heights

If your children are old enough to handle hills and scary mansions, Angelino Heights is a great choice for you. It is one of the oldest locations in Los Angeles, and the residents do not spend much time trying to decorate their Victorian homes. The residents of the neighborhood clearly work hard to make the neighborhood ready for Halloween. It is worth your time to explore the streets between Sunset Boulevard and the Hollywood Freeway. If you follow the streets around the Hollywood Freeway, you’ll experience a Halloween like no other!

The Angelina Heights area has a number of Victorian bungalows and mansions, which are all wonderful for a spooky Halloween. Older trick or treaters can enjoy the steep hills and beautiful homes of this historic neighborhood. You’ll get a taste of L.A. history, with your stash of nontraditional cars and motorcycles. Residents of the area known as the Haunted District of Los Angeles enjoy Halloween festivities all year long, and do not skimp on the candy!

It does not get any creepier than that. You might visit the house that was used in the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy an enjoyable viewing experience inside the giant mansion located at 1345 Carroll Ave. Every person’s house is decorated in their best Halloween costumes, so you will find plenty of opportunities to take photos.

Fun Places To Trick Or Treating Around Los Angeles

Toluca Lake

Toluca Lake is well recognized for its film and television studios that live here. It’s a highly sought after neighborhood where local residents often go trick or treat. During the evening, it is extremely popular among the residents of the hillside homes. They often leave their homes to walk through sprawling neighborhoods and trick or treat in the front yards of their houses.

Bob Hope reformed his household on Ledge Avenue and Moorpark Street. It’s a great place to start your walk to the flats for Halloween. Even though Bob and Dolores no longer give out large candy bars and kazoos, nearby neighbors continue to show they truly have a Halloween spirit.

People were inspired by the large crowds that comedian Bob Hope attracted with his generous acts of kindness. You can expect a lot of candy from people who work for the film industry, but the houses are conveniently located so that you can walk between them easily, unlike some areas that are more affluent.

Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre is a ghost town nestled between the Halloween loving communities of Pasadena and Altadena, but it has enough crafty residents to make Halloween a totally creative affair. We adore this spot because of the charming atmosphere, and because it has beautifully decorated craftsman houses.

Alegria Street is a popular tourist destination in the heart of Sierra Madre, an adorable community east of Pasadena that is famous for its beautifully decorated homes and bungalows for Halloween. For the Halloween festivities, families visit a small community near Los Angeles for ghoulish decorations and a dozen professionally carved pumpkins created by local artists. Don’t think that because of all this effort, they skimp out on the candies. Contrary to that belief, the candies are also the best in Sierra Madre!

Beverly Hills

You can find good treats in the Beverly Hills neighborhood. And you can enjoy the elaborate decorations in the neighborhood, too. The Beverly Hills Flats neighborhood borders Santa Monica Blvd, so it lies just south of Sunset Blvd. That doorbell at the Witch’s House at Walden Drive in Beverly Hills is pretty special, remember that? There are several places to go, and it looks like a real witch’s cottage with eerie overgrown trees and a creaky fence.

The most voracious trick or treaters go down the streets of Beverly Hills yearly in a hunt for scrumptious candy bars and envelopes of cash, as that’s what Halloween is all about. Many people have discovered that a particularly good trick or treat spot is Walden Drive. Get there early in the morning to enjoy homes that are well dressed in Halloween clothing and other gory mischief.

Brentwood Heights

Brentwood Glen is a quiet neighborhood in Los Angeles that offers a slice of country life despite the hustle and bustle of the city life. This place is great for getting candy for young children learning how to behave. The neighborhood south of Sunset Boulevard and west of the 405 is great for children who are learning to behave like they should. In addition, the residents generously give out Halloween candy to trick or treaters while also showing off their Halloween spirit with beautiful decorated homes and glowing carved pumpkins. If you want to eat some good food, you should go to the festively decorated Brentwood Country Mart.

This is a great neighborhood for young children who are planning their first trick or treat. It is a small neighborhood with many cute houses located near each other and some of them have amazing decorations. There are a large number of fun haunted houses here, however, there are very few cars. Start your night with a shopping trip to the Brentwood Country Mart and head to Santa Monica in the neighborhood.

Best Shopping Malls Around Los Angeles


Los Angeles is home to some of the best shopping malls in the world. There are a variety of malls to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for. The downtown area has a number of great malls, and the Westside has several shopping centers as well.

You can find a variety of malls throughout the city, and there are many different shopping options available. Some of the best malls in Los Angeles include the Melrose Place, the Citadel Outlets, and more. Whether you’re looking for clothing, shoes, or home goods, you’ll find it at a great shopping mall in Los Angeles.

So, if you’re looking for the best shopping malls in Los Angeles, this guide will help you find the right place. Here are the best malls in Los Angeles.

The Grove

Everyone mentions The Grove when talking about the best malls to shop in Los Angeles. It is thought that The Grove is the finest shopping mall in Los Angeles, even though it only has 50 stores. However, its collection is very strong, as you will find a Barney’s New York Co-op and an Apple Store among others.

Do not forget that the Grove Farmers Market is located in the same area, so you can do a bit of cardio while you shop and then get some fresh, tasty food. Shopping is not the singular type of entertainment offered at this beautiful outdoor mall. Festivals, shows, and concerts are held throughout the year. There are many events taking place throughout the year in the area, and there is even a gorgeous art deco cinema.

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Ave is famous as the location for the television series Melrose Place. It is a bustling intersection full of quirky shops, restaurants, and bars. It is a long stretch of busy shopping and dining streets that runs from Santa Monica Boulevard to Hollywood Boulevard in Beverly Hills, going all the way to Lucille Lake.

Melrose Avenue is one of the most popular shopping streets in Los Angeles. There are many high-end fashion stores, and you can find brands like Gucci, Versace, and Prada. You can also find many affordable stores that sell designer clothing.

Hollywood and Highland

If you are looking for something to buy at Hollywood and Highland, the variety at this shopping center is impressive. Hollywood and Highland Boulevard boasts many famous tourist attractions, such as the TCL Chinese Theater, the Dolby Theater, and the Walk of Fame. The mall contains many shops, restaurants, and other entertainment options.

Popular stores include Gap, American Eagle, and the only Virgin Megastore in the country. Other shops are Swatch and Hot Topic, so anyone of any fashion style will find something they like here. There are many souvenir shops that you can purchase in this shopping mall if you want to bring something home. Hollywood and Highlands will always be busy, but it’s understandable because it’s famous.

In Hollywood and Highland, you’ll also find the Ovation Hollywood shopping center. There are a lot of shops – from antique shops to food courts. The mall has many great shopping malls and a number of kid-friendly eateries, such as Johnny Rockets and the Hard Rock Cafe. You will find the Dolby Theater, which is where the Academy Awards are held, and also the legendary TCL Chinese Theater. The current owners of the Center recently renovated it in a bid to stay current with the times.

Best Shopping Malls Around Los Angeles

The Americana

Americana is one of the best places to shop in Los Angeles. Shopping here is only the tip of the iceberg, there are plenty of great restaurants and bars. The Americana at Brand is as impressive as its sister mall, The Grove. It is just as extensive and much larger.

The mall is located in Glendale, a trendy suburb, with restaurants, bars, a movie theater, and a large green area for free yoga or a special visit from Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. There is a children’s club that meets every Tuesday morning from 11 am to 1 pm for parents who want to escape to the shops in town. You can take Americana’s cherry wood electric trolley around the mall.

This outdoor shopping center also offers plenty of fun activities for children. On Tuesdays, kids can enjoy a free Kids Club featuring a variety of free live performers. The Americana, and Grove and Americana both have a fountain which plays music and allows people to ride a trolley. Many family-friendly choices exist in the area for shopping, dining and watching movies.

Santa Monica Place

Locals enjoy shopping at Santa Monica Place just as much as tourists do, offering shoppers plenty of things to do and see. Shops with a favorable rating for kids include The Cheesecake Factory, Johnny Rockets, a specific Disney Store, and many more. Santa Monica Place is conveniently located right along the 5th Avenue Promenade in downtown Los Angeles, so you can easily shop from one place to another.

If you visit Santa Monica Place and take a dip in the ocean, you’ll be in Santa Monica within minutes. It boasts a sleek, modern design and a large outdoor plaza that provides panoramic views of downtown LA, the mountains, and the Pacific Ocean.

Santa Monica Place has many different shops. These include luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Ted Baker, plus major retailers like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. Shopping is even more enjoyable thanks to excellent dining options and the state of the art twelve screen movie theater.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know where to go shopping in Los Angeles, you can find everything you need. However, it’s important to note that you should always look for coupons and sales before you shop. Surfing online is a great way to find information on ways to save money, and many online websites for stores offer special discounts and promotions that can help you save money when shopping.

If you have any additional questions about shopping in Los Angeles, feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

Best Cherry Picking Farms Around Los Angeles


It’s that time of year again, when the cherry trees are about to bloom and we go back to our childhoods. Whether you are a kid or an adult, it is always nice to go back home and see all the old memories. This year we have some picks for you on cherry picking in Los Angeles!

Cherry picking farms in Los Angeles are family-owned and operated businesses that grow cherries on their own grounds, and sell them to the public. Cherry picking is the term used for when people go out and pick fresh cherries from a tree or bush. For some people it is one of their favorite activities; for others, it’s about as fun as getting a root canal! Still, it’s a great activity that the entire family can enjoy.

Cherry picking farms in Los Angeles not only raise their own crops but also sell their own produce. Some farmers even have fields where they grow flowers to sell to customers who want to bring home some fresh cut flowers from a local farm! But where do you find such a place in LA?

Where to Go Cherry Picking in Los Angeles

The following farms will take you back in time when you were a kid or if you just like eating cherries they will make your experience even more enjoyable. You can taste these sweet treats while getting lost in the beautiful scenery of California. So let’s get into this post and see what Cherry Picking Farms around Los Angeles has to offer! Here are some of the best cherry picking farms you can find around the city of angels:

Rolling Thunder Ranch

Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch sells cherries from all over the world, including rainier cherries, Bing cherries, and Skeena cherries. Take the little ones to see the farm animals; maybe they’ll even let you pet them. You want to relax, enjoy the time you have here and feel like you are returning home refreshed and ready to visit again.

Their cherries are usually ripe by early June, so make sure you come early! You can find their cherry orchard just outside of Palmdale, just 12 miles from Palmdale. Santa Clarita is only a 15 minute drive away. They sell plenty of their own honey and their famous Sweet Tea made from 100% fresh California cherries. Children will love seeing the farm animals and taking home fun photos! However, it is best to know that they only take cash. Staff will request that you do not bring any pets. These are two things you should keep in mind before you go to Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch.

Best Cherry Picking Farms Around Los Angeles

Cherry Hill Farm

Cherry Hill Farm is located on a 7.5 acre farm in beautiful Leona Valley, just 12 miles west of Palmdale. They only use organic methods to grow cherries.  Cherry Hill Farm grows organic cherries that are grown organically, with no pesticides or herbicides. Come visit Cherry Hill Farm and find the best local food producers and artisans! Pick cherries. You will feel good about contributing to a larger cause when you pick cherries from Cherry Hill Farm in Leona Valley.

The owners purchased the farm in the winter of 2015, and they work hard to keep it healthy and beautiful. They work hard every year to nurture their orchard and make sure that it is healthy and glowing. Our farm only uses organically grown cherries, and never uses any kind of pesticide or herbicide. If these are things that you really value, make sure to come out to Cherry Hill Farm during cherry picking season in order to get some of the best cherries in the area.

JL Farms U-Pick Cherries

This one reigns as the oldest family-owned farm in Littlerock, this farm has a variety of cherry trees which grow from very sweet cherries. Amongst 650 fruit trees, half are sweet cherries from the Rainier variety, and the rest are from the different species of cherry trees (Lapin, Bing and Brooks). They keep the cherry trees under 10 feet, which means you can reach the cherries easily. This is ideal for children, because they will be able to enjoy playing with the cherries.

They usually have cherries for about five or six weeks, but some days they will be closed so that the cherries can ripen better. Before you visit, please call or check the website for more information. It is important to remember that you should not bring your pets to the orchard, since it is prohibited by the owners.

Villa del Sol Sweet Cherry Farms

This is a cherry farm in the lovely Leona Valley, California, just an hour north of Los Angeles. It stretches out to 25 acres! It was started by the Shafer family in 1999. Villa del Sol is located on Elizabeth Lake Road and Godde Hill Road in the beautiful Leona Valley, California. We are located just one hour northeast of Los Angeles, in the lovely Leona Valley. Take the 12 Freeway exit and go west! Villa del Sol would be the first stop on your right when you enter the country!

Fruits grow from trees that cascade down a south-facing slope, which allows the sun to warm the ground and soften the leaves, preventing the trees from freezing in the spring. It is necessary that warm air flows through the trees to create a suitable environment for producing a ripe crop. There are almost 4000 bare root sweet cherry trees in the orchard. The cherries are delicious. There are five varieties available: Bing, Early Burlat, Brooks, and Tulare. Leona Valley cherries are usually available from late May until early July.

Copeland’s Cherry Ranch

Copeland’s Cherry Ranch is managed by a family of five people who rely heavily on the help and support of their relatives, friends and neighbors. They open their doors when the cherries are ripe, which is usually in June.  They’re busy weeding and watering the fields, trying to discourage squirrels, gophers and birds from eating the cherries.

You have the option to pick cherries yourself, or if you have limited time, just buy some pre-picked cherries. Even if you have never picked cherries before, it takes just a few minutes to enjoy them and to fill buckets. Cherry Farm in Leona Valley has five varieties of cherry trees in its orchard. All are good for healthy snacking! They sell honey collected by bees who live on the farm and collect nectar from cherry blossoms and other natural spring flowers in the Leona Valley. The honey from these bees is freshly harvested and raw, and tastes delicious.

Best Places For Kids Haircuts Around Los Angeles


There are many things to consider when finding a place for your kid to get his or her haircut. You need to find a place that is good, has a busy schedule and one that will not be too expensive. There are some places where you can take your kids but they might not want to go so they may not be the best option.

Haircuts for children are fun because it allows a child to feel like they are a real grown up. It is also very important that they get their hair cut often so that their hairstyle remains attractive even in the short term. The following article will provide you with some of the best places for kids haircuts around Los Angeles.

Where to Get Kids Haircuts in LA

If you are looking for the best place for your kid’s hair cut this article will give you some of the top choices. We have reviewed them and ranked them based on our experience and what we saw in other people’s reviews as well. These are some of the best places in Los Angeles for kids haircuts that you can trust with your child’s safety, while still giving your little one the style they deserve! Here’s the best places in Los Angeles to get haircuts for your kid:

The Yellow Balloon

Yellow Balloon Hairdressers have been styling hair for over 40 years! At The Yellow Balloon, it is fun and relaxing to get a haircut. The Yellow Balloon brings back good memories with items like Flintstones pinball machines, Pac Man games, and movies that light up the TV screens. Little people are thrilled when they receive gifts, like balloons, candies, and other toys as a reward for getting through their haircut.

They offer a special first haircut package for babies that includes a special photo, a personalized frame, and a certificate for the little ones. The stylists at The Yellow Balloon can easily adapt to those who have special needs, and are happy to spend a little more time with them.

Lollicut Children’s Hair Salon

Kids don’t know what to look for when they enter Lollicut Salon. You will see hand-painted murals, a big TV, video games, and fun salon chairs like a red car or a blue one. Lollicut Salon is like being transported to a fairy-tale-like  land. Your child will enjoy coming in and being the star because you took them there. Turn your child’s hard time getting his or her hair cut into an experience that they will enjoy.

Children will enjoy being in a comfortable atmosphere while they get their hair cut. They are open 24 hours a day and are open seven days a week. The stylists will also appeal to your child’s senses by playing video games, showing them pictures of popular cartoon characters, and even making them think about a futuristic spaceship.

Best Places For Kids Haircuts Around Los Angeles

Bubble Cuts

Bubble Cuts is a full-service salon that also does manicures and pedicures for kids. Bubble Cuts is a full-service salon for kids. They do not just do haircuts, but they also do mani-pedis and blowouts for kids. Kids love this because it is a full-service salon that is themed to evoke a vintage experience. They have many interactive activities for your kids to enjoy. The salon is themed to capture your child’s imagination. They have seating that looks like a fire truck, a police car or a cool convertible to keep them occupied while they get their hair cut.

Parents can come in and get their hair cut at this salon. It’s like a little shop where kids can have their hair cut. They have cute little cars that kids can sit in and watch the stylists work. Children can play in the play area before and after getting their hair cut. And every time that someone does their hair cutting, that customer gets a free balloon and lollipop!


Snip-its Haircuts for Kids was honored with the Golden Bear Award for the Best Kids Hair, Nail, and Skin Care Services. Kids love Snip-its because they have access to some fun, interactive entertainment while they have their haircuts done, and parents love that their children can relax and enjoy their experience while they relax. Everything in the salon is designed to entertain children, making their time at the hair salon fun!  Snip-it offers fun entertainment throughout the experience, including a welcome video to get kids excited for the haircut. Their many selection of games can keep your little one occupied, and they have rewards if you kid can remain patient.

You can find three Snip-It locations in Southern California. Snip-Its aims to make getting a haircut a whole lot of fun for kids. That way, they feel like it is more of a fun time than a chore. Select Snip-It locations will allow children with special needs to get a fun haircut if it is possible. Prices may vary depending on what location you go to, so make sure to check their official site before you visit.


Tipperary Hair Salon has been around since 1972, and is the best place in the area to get your children’s hair cut! Tipperary Hair Salon specializes in providing quality haircuts for children that are up to date with the newest hairstyles.

Your baby will have his or her first haircut photographed here and you will also receive a precious lock of hair as a memento. You’ll probably feel more like you’re shopping in a toy store than going to a hair salon, because Tipperary is fully stocked with toys, games and other toys that you can buy for children. Tipperary Hair Salon is the perfect place to get your baby his first haircut, get him a lice treatment, or get a special hairdo to prepare for an event. However, remember to not come in on Mondays. This is because they are closed that day. As for public holidays, they may also have differing hours, so make sure to call in before your appointment to be sure.

Best Public Pools Around Los Angeles


The Los Angeles area is rife with pools, but there are only a few that are actually public. Most pools in this area are privately owned and available for use by the residents of that particular community. If you want to swim in a public pool but don’t live within driving distance of one, you might have to resort to mixing up your plans and visiting several different locations over the course of a day or two to get all the swimming you can handle.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Our goal here today is to help you decide which pool will be the closest fit for your needs and preferences so that you can plan accordingly when it comes time to hit the water.

Where are the Best Public Pools in LA?

For people that are looking for a place where they can have fun and enjoy swimming, we have listed down some of the best public pools around Los Angeles. The purpose of this article is to give you the necessary information about these places so that you can make your decision on where to go. Here’s the best public pools around Los Angeles you can go to the next time you’re itching for a swim:

Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

If you and your family are visiting Pasadena, make sure you visit the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center. Nestled in the picturesque Arroyo Seco, the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center is the kind of pool that lets residents of the San Gabriel Valley cool off without going far west. The Rose Bowl Aquatics Center is a world-class aquatic facility that offers year-round aquatic and fitness programming. Serious swimmers need not be worried about splashing the kids because the pool is separate from their competition pool. This is because the facility has two pools – one for competition swimming and another for pool swimming.

Family swim sessions are held in the shallow end of the pools, so you’ll have to show up at a normal time during the day to jump off a high dive or to sit quietly in a warm pool. If you want to do some sightseeing, stop at the on-site cafe. You’ll find plenty of great sandwiches, wraps and salads. Aquatics classes, swim lessons, and swimming lessons are available here. The Aquatic Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are open and heated all year long.

Culver City Plunge

You’ll see a lot of fitness addicts and triathletes at this Westside pool all the time. During summertime, residents may be outside enjoying the pool and not having to cross the 405. Shade seekers may not get a good view of the pool, but those who want to relax and enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool will find that this is the perfect place to relax and unwind without having to brave the surf.

There are four lanes at the Plunge in which you can take your family for a swim. Parents with young children can also enjoy this fun activity, which consists of having four children from the same family per lane, swimming in the pool and playing in the center of the pool. Lap swimming will not be permitted in a lane reserved for families. Check the website for current information regarding the pool’s hours of operation and the rules for swimming there. Swimmers are required to pre-register to swim for 50 minutes. The pool at the Plunge is open all year long.

Best Public Pools Around Los Angeles

Annenberg Community Beach House

The Beach House offers swim lessons, pool hours, kids play area, musical performances, dance classes and more. It sits on five acres of beachfront land that was once the property of William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper publisher who then dedicated the area for Marion Davies, a famous actress during the roaring twenties. The Beach House is a mansion that once had 100 rooms and a large marble pool. This was once an extravagant mansion with 100 rooms that served as a hotel and became the Sand and Beach Club. In 2009, it was then reopened as a community beach house. Though it still had inklings of the old Marion Davies Estate, it also added some new facilities to become an entirely unique destination that doesn’t discriminate when it comes to its customers.

In other words, you do not need to be a member to enjoy the facilities available at the property, which include a splash pad, kids area, and a pool. A small cafe is located at the Beach House. Pool hours are typically only open during the summer season and are closed from October through May. Be sure to register to receive notifications when the pool is open during the summer in order to have access to the amenities in the off-season.

Hansen Dam Aquatic Center

Want a fresh new take on a swimming experience? Look no further and head to Los Angeles’ largest public pool, which is the Hansen Dam Aquatic Center . You can swim at the beach from any LAX exit, but it’s hard to argue with a pool that’s free and open to everyone. There are facilities for about 2,800 swimmers so your space should be protected.

It has two huge water slides and a nice beach. Over at the nine-acre lake, people fish and boat. If you want to have a family picnic here, it’s like being on a real beach. There’s no waiting or driving around to get there and check everything out, but it’s a great place to spend a day or two. It’s also very similar to private swimming clubs. That is, you can relax with other people and have a good time together! Go through all the rules and regulations carefully before going in. Buying a regular pass to swim here will save you money, and you can get a special discount for those who buy a yearly pass to stay on the pool grounds. It’ll be an experience you won’t forget!

Best Places For Snow Play Near Los Angeles

Snow is fun and while it is not all that common in Southern California, it can still be an amazing experience. Los Angeles has a great selection of parks to keep kids entertained in the winter months. The following article highlights some of the best places around Los Angeles for snow play.

This article will be covering five of the most popular locations near Los Angeles where you can find ample amounts of snow and ice to fill your children with joy this winter.

What are the Best Spots for Snow Play in LA?

Whether you’re going with kids, with a significant other, or on your own, picking the right spot for some snow play is important. You need to know that it’ll be both fun and safe. This is especially important if you’re bringing the young ones. After all, you don’t want them to get hurt or at least be exposed to something that could be dangerous for their health. That’s why we’re going to give you a list of the top 5 most popular places in Los Angeles where you can find plenty of snow and ice.

Snow Play at Mammoth Mountain

This mountain town offers more than just ski slopes – it offers fun outdoor activities too! You can have the best sled rides at Woolly’s Tube Park. In case you aren’t tall enough to enjoy the thrills of the sled ride, Woolly’s also has a nice snow park area and a heated deck to enjoy some hot beverages and hot cocoa.

Mammoth Mountain is worth the drive because of all the great skiing you’ll have here. There’s nothing better than ripping down a perfectly formed run and having a blast doing it! With snowmobiles, cruisers and hard-chargers can enjoy miles of tree-lined trails and massive meadows.

Your kids will have the best lessons with our small groups! The kids will learn the things they need to know based on their age and their current skill level. No matter what your child’s current skill level is, they will learn the basics of snowboarding and be a master at it in no time!

Snow Play at Big Bear

Big Bear Snow Play has some of the longest runs in Southern California, accessible via a Magic Carpet uphill lift that takes you directly to the top of the mountain and gives you an easy way to get downhill without tiring out walking uphill. Lift-assisted inner tubes let you and your kiddos keep active while doing exciting downhill twists and turns, instead of walking uphill. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can also try out their new night tubing rink.

Best Places For Snow Play Near Los Angeles

You’ll find Big Bear Mountain Resort about two hours north of Los Angeles, where a lot of snow has fallen. If you’ve been wanting to take the family out to ski or snowboard, this is the place to do it. Have you been worried that you will get hungry? Search up their mobile app to order food and drink in advance, thereby saving you time.

Snow Play at Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead Village and the lake itself are only two hours from Los Angeles, and it is an amazing winter destination. Arrowhead Village is an adorable village that is set in the woods and has the charm of a Swiss village and a wide range of modern amenities. You can play snowballs in the winter and go snowboarding or ice skating at the Silver Bell Arena at SkyPark Santa’s Village. Many local restaurants and shops are open to all visitors.

Village businesses include charming specialty shops and outlet stores. There are many places where you can enjoy dining and shopping. There are several convenience stores and a post office as well. You can spend a few days there and stay in a cabin on the lake.

Snow Play at Yeti’s Snow Park

If you are planning on visiting Mountain High this winter, make it a snow day at Yetis Snow Parks. They are open weekends and holidays at both the East and North Resorts. Slide down the tubing lanes and meet the Yetis and their friends. Take a scenic sky chair ride to see the beautiful surroundings. It’s a beautiful place to go ice skating, climbing a snow wall, exploring the Yeti cave, or snowshoeing.

Mountain High is Southern California’s gateway to winter. It is only a little under two hours from Los Angeles and it does not require any mountain driving to reach it. Yeti’s Snow Parks can be visited both during public holidays as well as regular weekends at Mountain High Resorts, both in the North and in the East.

Snow Play at Mount San Jacinto Park

Mount San Jacinto State Park is only two to three hours away from Los Angeles, and it is a beautiful park where you can experience snow and enjoy nature. You can go sledding, cross-country skiing, and snow tubing here, among other activities. Mount San Jacinto State Park does not groom snow-bound trails; there are no marked trails or signs that indicate where you should go. Use your GPS to navigate the park.

If you visit one of the parks, you should call either the Idyllwild or the Long Valley ranger stations to check on the snow conditions. Take the tram to the top of the mountain to climb to the top. When you get to the top of Mount San Jacinto State Park, you can do anything you want in the snow! There are two restos at the top if you are feeling very hungry.

How to Find the Best Snow Play Place

If you’re looking for a place to play in the snow, you will probably want to pick somewhere that is close and convenient to your home or work. If you live in Los Angeles, this could be difficult because most of the places are at least two hours away from where you live. However, there are still some pretty good options around Los Angeles that aren’t too far. Start your search for the best snow play spot by referring to the list we’ve compiled!