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Best Blow Out Dry Bars In Los Angeles


A good blow dry bar is the best place to get your hair done. It is where you get your haircut, styled and blow dried all in one place. In a salon or a traditional hair salon, you will have to leave your seat and walk over to another chair in order to get your hair done. But at a blow dry bar, all you have to do is sit down, relax and let the professional do his job. This article will show you the best blow dry bars in Los Angeles so that you can choose one that suits your needs.

You should consider this list of blow out dry bars if you want an amazing experience and professional services. You will find that they offer various services such as hair cutting, hair coloring, facial waxing and skin care treatments among others.

Blo Blow Dry Bar

Blo Blow Dry Bar is one of the best spots for all your hair-related needs. They have 5 locations across Los Angeles, including Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica. Blo cuts out the need for you to drive around the city and go to different beauty salons, and instead offers all of your hair care needs under one roof. Leave your locks to the professionals at Blo Blow Dry Bar. You can get one of their signature blo-outs for just $40.

These experts are able to blow out hair that is hard to style, like hair that is silky and looks great, and can do it super-quickly by using hair extensions ($55). After you are done trimming your hair, indulge in their beauty services including nail care, facials, and even facial waxing. There are locations all over Los Angeles, including Hollywood, Brentwood and Beverly Hills.

MyBlow LA

My Blow LA offers up to 5 blowouts for just $35, including a scalp massage and a line of hair extensions. Choose from a basic menu of blowout looks that includes big, fluffy bobs, to sleek locks that are reminiscent of a magazine. You can get loose, romantic curls added for just $10, making a night out look fabulous.

MyBlow is located directly across the street from the famed Anastasia brow salon, and offers five different blow-out styles for $35. MyBlow blowouts can be great for people who have hair that doesn’t fit into the standard styles offered at most blow bars. You’ll be done in 30 minutes, unless you choose a service that takes longer: like a hair and scalp massage or a service that allows you to put in temporary hair extensions.

Best Blow Out Dry Bars In Los Angeles

Blow Me Dry

Blow Me Dry is a salon that does just that. They offer blowouts that are as personalized as you want them to be. Blow outs start at $40 depending on your hair length, but they offer a ton of amazing styling services at an extra charge. We’ve got the look you want: a sexy, sleek look with a nice, sleek brush or a gorgeous braid. Salon staff can even help you put on some nice makeup for a night out with your besties.

Blow-outs start at $35 and can vary depending on how long your hair is. You can get a blow-out in four different ways: curls, volume, straight, or even a beachy look. Blow-outs include a sulfate- and vegan-friendly shampoo that is perfect for people who have been using chemical treatments on their hair. They also offer treatments that are added to your hair for a charge. On your birthday, get 10% off your entire service, and enjoy an extra 10% off your visit on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Blow Angels

Blow Angels is one of the newest dry bars in LA, and it offers great bargains for ladies who are really on a budget. Blow Angels offers blowouts in 5 different styles for just $29! Be warned that if you want to use hot tools, such as curling irons, you will pay a $5 fee. Blow Angels offers 5 blowout styles for $29, all while delivering great service. You can also add on a relaxing scalp massage to your blowout if you like. Blow Angels offers a lot more than just blowouts – they use only the finest products.

Hair cuts, hair colors and makeup are also available, which is great for girls who are always on the go and want to have their hair done quickly. Blow Angels hosts regular ladies night outs, so you can treat yourself to blowouts, makeup, champagne and sweets.

Studio K

Studio K Hair Design was established in 2012 and is the premier hair salon in the heart of Pasadena. They offer everything from basic cuts and styles to a full head of hair and a full face of makeup. Blowouts and styles start at under $30. Some packages include a neck and scalp massage included with your wash and blow dry; kids are admitted free with a paying adult.

This hidden gem in Pasadena promises to be a fun and friendly place for girls to get glammed up. Kelly Zhang founded this blow dry bar in Pasadena last August. All services included a neck and scalp massage with wash and blow dry for free, which makes it a total of $35. They offer a great deal at Happy Hour on Tuesdays and you can also find plenty of other great deals on their Facebook page.

Brasilian Blow Dry Bar

Brasilian Blow Dry Bar is a full-service salon that aims to give customers hairstyles that are uniquely their own. They use Brazilian products and techniques that will make your hair look great for a long time. Choose your favorite cut, color or blowout for $40, and ask for a protein treatment to give your hair back its luster. It’s the ultimate way to get your hair smooth and textured. They give you frizz-free hair for up to 12 weeks. Brazilian Blow Dry Bar has been turning up the hair volume in LA since 2012 by doing big blowouts that resemble a Brazilian blowout.

Best Southern California Moms To Follow On Instagram


Instagram is a popular social media platform for many people to share their photos and experiences with friends and family. It is easy to post a photo on Instagram, however, it is also important to pick the right hashtags for your posts.

In this article, we will help you discover the best southern California moms on Instagram by listing the best of them in no particular order. This list of southern California moms is perfect for mothers that live in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego or San Bernardino County.

The goal of this article is to help you find the best women that you can follow on Instagram so that you can be inspired by their beautiful photos. We have taken into consideration many factors such as their personality, style and lifestyle before putting together this list of southern California moms to follow on Instagram.

Aly Gandarilla (aly.andco)

Aly gives us travel advice and tells us some of the crazy things that she does at home and on her daily adventures in San Diego. Aly posts great books for kids to enjoy and shares beautiful photos of her family. She also manages to find the best places in San Diego to take family photos.

Beth Rodden (bethrodden)

Beth is one of the greatest climbers ever. If you know anything about climbing, you know that she is an amazing human being. Beth was the youngest female climber in history to reach 5.14a, and still holds the record for becoming the first woman to summit a 5.14c peak. We won’t even try to tell you anything about the sport, or what those terms mean. Beth is simply amazing. Beth has done some incredible climbs; in fact, she was held hostage by a group of militants in a cave in Kyrgyzstan and escaped to tell their story. This is an adventure movie that is incredibly exciting!

Best Southern California Moms To Follow On Instagram


This smart mama used to travel the world a lot but then decided to work from home. She explores San Diego and all it has to offer for kids and families via her stories and feeds on Instagram. She shows you the usual tourist attractions and interesting museums, but there are many other hidden gems that are completely free.

Her posts help you to know everything that you need to know about the place you are going to before you go. She gives you all of the necessary information so that you can plan your trip, find a good place to park and eat nearby or get your caffeine fix. She plans to launch a new website very soon that will make all of this info easily accessible.

Richelle Cote (xoxo.richellecote)

It’s all about peace, love and Instagram. Follow Earth Mama and her family as they share photos and stories about how they live and what they are doing in San Diego. She often struts around barefoot and totally free, but she is an easy going and friendly person who loves to share her love of fashion with others.

Founder and owner of the Neighborhood Collective, a company that hosts creative events, Richelle Cote’s feed gives you great advice about staying healthy and is full of local inspiration from people like foodies, DIY’ers, photographers, artists and other creatives living and working in your neighborhood.

Morgan Brechler (morganbrechler)

Morgan Bechler is an adventurous and talented female artist. She loves to travel and enjoys sharing her musings with others. Morgan has collaborated with a lot of other cool people and brands to share her adventures and the time she has spent with her baby. We all have that one moment in time when we feel like we are being called to some sort of restless, wanderlust calling. Morgan Bechler followed that call.

She tried living a nomadic life for a while but realized it wasn’t for her. She wants to live in a place where she can be in constant contact with people. She longs for the space, structure and comfort that comes from being rooted in a place. We must realize who we really are and honor that we will have to shift, make changes and let go of things that don’t really belong.

Katie Dillon (lajollamom)

Traveling with kids can be tricky, but there are some travel tips that can help. What a joy to see people travel so easily and look so beautiful doing it? We pay attention when they show that it really is that easy and looks beautiful. Katie Dillion is an expat who spends a lot of time flying across the pond with her daughter every year. Her travel blog, Katie Dillion & Associates, includes tips on how to save money on international flights. Katie Dillion is a professional travel writer who shares great tips and tricks to help you travel more easily. Her Instagram feed is a treasure trove of beautiful travel photos. We’re packing our bags now!

We love that she also shares fun local adventures like going to the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park and Disneyland. It really is the best of both worlds to have both parents traveling with you, and not just one of them.

Chrissy Powers (chrissyjpowers)

Chrissy is the friend that every woman needs. She’s real, brave, strong, honest, wise and inspiring. Chrissy is a wonderful counselor, mother and wife. She is honest, vulnerable, understanding, kind and relatable. We love seeing how she looks in her outfits and have fun creative ways to show you how to do things to look nice.

Plus, we love hearing how she helps people with their anxiety and how she helps them to parent their children. If you visit Chrissy’s Facebook page every day, you will feel hopeful and that you are understood. She writes some hilarious, poignant, wise and inspirational things every day.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a great way to connect with other moms in your area and to share what you are doing with the people that you love. This list of southern California moms to follow on Instagram has been put together with consideration for each individual’s personality, style and interests. You can also find some other interesting posts by following the hashtags that they use on Instagram.

We hope that this list of southern California moms will inspire you to start a new social media account or grow your current one. Have fun browsing through their photos and enjoy the adventure!

Where To See Holiday Lights In Los Angeles


There are so many places in Los Angeles where you can see the holiday lights. They’re all around the city, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few of our favorites. These locations are great for families and just general sightseeing, and they are always beautiful. You can drive to most of them, but some have free parking or there is free public transportation nearby.

These locations are also a great place to see the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. You can park your car, go on a tour, and watch the lights up close. If you don’t want to drive to the location, there are a few places in Los Angeles where you can see the tree from afar.

Brea Eagle Hills

Nothing is better than visiting the Brea Eagle Hills to get the holiday vibe. The Brea Eagle Hills neighborhood is full of beautifully decorated homes and plenty of greenery to wander through on your drive or while you take a leisurely stroll. It is popular with tourists so plan to have lots of people around and traffic if you plan to walk through the neighborhood. Park your car at the Brea Sports Park in the quaint neighborhood of Brea. The park is located on the corner of Birch Street and the sidewalk leading to the park.


Lightscape, the critically acclaimed event which sold out in London in 2009, is returning to the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden for its West Coast debut. The world-renowned Lightscape is a spectacular display of lights, art and music that transforms the Los Angeles County Arboretum into an illuminated night experience that the whole family can enjoy. Walk through the impressive Cathedral of the New Year, enjoy the magical Fire Garden, and much more!

Tickets for Lightscape are on sale now at the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden. Tickets for Lightscape and The Arboretum are separately priced. Lightscape is open from 5:30pm to 7:30pm daily, and visitors are free to stay for as long as they like. Walk along the streets of L.A. County to experience a magical night that runs for just over a mile. Lightscape is accessible to people who have wheelchairs or other mobility aids and strollers.

Where To See Holiday Lights In Los Angeles

The Holiday Road

Holiday Road is a family-friendly walk through the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains that is filled with larger-than-life holiday displays, thousands of lights, a visit from Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa & Mrs. Claus, and a forest filled with dozens of colorful candy canes. Stop by the Holiday Bar and sip a cocktail while you walk the trails, or stop by and buy a souvenir.

Stroll through the grounds of King Gillette Ranch while the snowy mountains hideaway is transformed into a magical light show during Holiday Road. Holiday Road is a themed event created by the same team that created Nights at the Jack, and includes a Christmas tree, a lighted Christmas village, and beautiful archways with lights. Timed tickets for the event are available now, and the price of these tickets changes daily depending on what’s on the schedule.

Candy Cane Lane

In the spring, the residents of the San Fernando Valley neighborhood in Woodland Hills host a dazzling holiday celebration that includes street lamps, Christmas decorations and even snow. Candy Cane Lane is a Woodland Hills tradition that has been going on since 1952.

A group of homeowners in the area organizes the annual holiday celebration that features lights and other festive decorations. Santa is often seen taking pictures with children and his elves are often seen roaming the streets of Woodland Hills. Candy Cane Lane is held annually on the second Saturday of December and lasts until the end of the year.

Visitors are asked to drive by at least 10 p.m. on weeknights and by 11 p.m. on weekends. Visitors are asked to drive slowly and with their headlights turned off so that everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy the Christmas lights. From the 101 freeway, go to Winnetka (OR, head north on the 101 freeway) to go to this amazing display.

Radio Drive, Beverly Hills

Los Angeles doesn’t have any such decorations as the windows that dot the windows on New York’s 5th Avenue. Beverly Hills, with its large shopping district, knows how to dress up the streets and sidewalks in a festive way for the holidays. The holiday lights on Rodeo Drive will be lit up on November 18.

Beverly Boulevard is decorated in white lights, as is the willow tree at Beverly Caon Gardens. The famous Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles is transformed into a magical holiday paradise filled with holiday decorations, living Nutcrackers and lights that will make your day even brighter. Visit the beautiful Beverly Hills Canon Gardens and go through the Santa Claus tunnels and Christmas lights to have some extra merry fun. Beverly Hills looks amazing even when it is decorated with colorful boughs of holly and a million lights.

Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights Extravaganza

You might think that the neighborhood where you are staying sounds more like a haunted house where you go to spend your nights in the winter, but this Torrance neighborhood has been celebrating Christmas for years with spectacular holiday light displays. Start your holiday lights tour at the Pacific Coast Highway in Torrance, and drive or walk along the streets of Robert Road. Everyone’s houses are decorated and the streets are lined with Christmas trees. Sleepy Hollow Christmas lights light up the streets and town squares the first weekend of December and shine bright until the beginning of January.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is a great time to visit Los Angeles. We recommend you make it a family outing and take in all the beautiful sights and sounds. And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out some of the best Christmas light displays in Los Angeles! You’ll be glad you did. Using these Los Angeles holiday light displays as a guide, you can see the best of what Los Angeles has to offer. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect place to visit for your family.

Best Thanksgiving Takeout In Los Angeles


Eating takeout can be a hassle, but the prospect of turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings can be downright enticing. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Thanksgiving takeouts in Los Angeles. The following restaurants offer an array of dishes including traditional Thanksgiving fare as well as holiday-inspired specialties.

Whether you’re a local at the City of Angels or a tourist who’s looking for a quick and delicious Thanksgiving meal, we have the perfect place for you. Ideally, a thanksgiving dinner should be as simple as picking up the phone and calling in an order. But if you don’t have a favorite takeout restaurant in LA, you’re in luck. Below, we’ve compiled a list of great places to get your Thanksgiving fix.

So whether you’re looking for something traditional or something special, these restaurants are ready to serve you up some of the best Thanksgiving fare in Los Angeles.

Kismet Rotisserie

Kismet, a critically acclaimed restaurant in Los Feliz, is offering to cook a chicken rotisserie instead of a traditional holiday dinner. It will include lots of delicious side dishes like sweet potatoes and baba ganoush, and delicious pita bread with a homemade garlic sauce on top.

There are plenty of other delicious sides available a la carte. One more thing that’s on the menu is a holiday gift to show how much Kismet appreciates the Native Americans and the people who own the food that they make.

Dear Bella Creamery

Dear Bella Creamery is serving up an ice cream pie made with beans from a recipe they found on their website that they hope will help Asian Americans fight for fair treatment. In collaboration with chef Ted Lai of Plant Alchemy, the recipe combines beans and potatoes, while also being very healthy.

This recipe uses only natural ingredients and is made with butter-roasted ube, torched marshmallows, and candied pecans poured over a graham cracker crust. It serves eight to ten people and costs $40. This dessert will serve 8 to 10 people and costs $40. Anyone who wants to try the pie right away can grab one at the store or online. Dear Bella Creamery is donating a portion of the profits from its popular ice cream pies to Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

Superba Food + Bread

We’re bringing you a delicious Thanksgiving dinner to take out from Superba’s Venice location and out of their restaurants in North Hollywood and Pasadena. There are plenty of main dishes, sides, breads, and pies on the menu. In Venice, they’re also offering a special wine pairing with some of their dishes.

There are plenty of options for groups that are 10-12 people or smaller parties of four to six people. There are plenty of turkey options, as well as a Glazed Beeler’s Heritage Ham. Superba’s bakery will be making pies to commemorate the holiday, and you can choose from a range of sweet treats including Honey Crisp Apple and their signature Pumpkin Pie.

Best Thanksgiving Takeout In Los Angeles


This BBQ shack in Beverly Grove will be serving a big turkey dinner complete with smoked and browned bacon, cornbread stuffing, collard greens, mac & cheese, and more. Smoked meats like brisket can be added to any Thanksgiving dinner for a special price. This is a great value for four people.

Eataly LA

You can make anything you want to eat at your Thanksgiving meal if you use the services of Eataly. Take to the markets this Thanksgiving to enjoy meat and cheese platters, aperitivos, and even pizza! If you choose to dine as a family, you will have your choice of a Pumpkin Soup or a Pumpkin Ravioli, Glazed and Sliced Turkey Breast and other side dishes. Then, for dessert, you will receive an Apple Pie with a creamy mascarpone filling.

At the outdoor Italian market at Westfield Century City, you can choose from many different Italian dishes for Thanksgiving, like a curated board of specialty meats and cheeses, and a braised turkey with apples and cider. Check out their website for a list of all the special options that they offer.

Huckleberry Cafe

Huckleberry Cafe in Santa Monica wants to make Thanksgiving dinner for you and your family easy. They have a large Thanksgiving menu that includes things like turkey and stuffing, plus a wide array of pies and desserts. There’s a huge menu at Huckleberry Cafe that includes everything from homemade bread to organic turkey to mashed potatoes and gluten free options. And their restaurant chain is joining in on the fun, with special items being offered.

Mastro’s Steakhouse

This fine restaurant in Beverly Hills and Malibu offers takeout family dinners. These come fully decked, with steaks and various side choices like ready-to-bake dishes, salads, and cakes. There is a recipe for a perfectly cooked three-bone rib roast that can be finished in the oven and then put on top of mashed potatoes and creamed corn. These are great for families who don’t like turkey.

Georgia’s Restaurant

This soul food joint offers full Thanksgiving menus to-go at both of its restaurants, including locations in Long Beach and Anaheim. Restaurant serves fried chicken, ribs, and many other southern favorites, like green beans, cornbread, and rice. There are many different sides and desserts available. Menu, ordering, and more information can be found on the chain’s website.

Barton G

Barton G. also will have an a la carte menu available for the day. Los Angeles restaurant Barton G. is offering a special three-course menu at the start of the Thanksgiving holiday. It is priced at $85 per person.

It includes a Roasted Squash and Chicory salad, Smoked Duck Breast and Leg with Brown Butter Sage Stuffing, a variety of sides and a Brown Butter Blondie topped with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream and served with vanilla ice cream. Brown Butter Blondies with a creamy pumpkin pie filling, salted caramel bourbon sauce and snickerdoodle popcorn are served to accompany the dinner. Guests can enjoy a Thanksgiving menu available at any time during the day.

Places To Holiday Ice Skate In Los Angeles


Ice skating is the best way to spend a day in Los Angeles. The city is full of skating rinks and ice skating locations. Ice skating can be done indoors or outdoors and in many locations in Los Angeles.

This is a hobby that is available to everyone in Los Angeles. The cost of ice skating is low, as compared to other hobbies. Ice skating is also fun and easy to learn, which makes it a perfect hobby for children and adults alike.

This article will give you the information about the places where you can ice skate in Los Angeles.

Skating By the Sea

This rink has a pretty view of the ocean, so families will have some fun ice skating while they enjoy a view of the rink. Skating by the Sea opens to the public on Friday, December 3rd, with a special tree lighting ceremony. There will be live music and art activities. The rink will have holiday music, a food court, and a few other features. Skating at this rink is open all winter long, and there are even themed nights to check out!

Reservations are recommended since the rink is very limited. Skate lessons are also available. Skate lessons are available for those who want to learn to ice skate on their own. Check the rink for open skating times and prices, and for special ice skating events that are happening throughout the month.

You can skate on an ice rink that sits on top of a bluff that overlooks the ocean in Rancho Palos Verdes. Skate on the rink for half-hour sessions on weekends and holidays. The rink often has special skating nights scheduled for the month. Rancho Palos Verdes is putting up a new ice rink at its city center Civic Center in time for the winter months. Synthetic ice is slower than ice that is cold, so it can take some time for you to get used to it, but if you do fall, it won’t cause you to be soaked.

LA Kings Holiday Ice Skating

L.A. Live is the only place where you can find a seasonal ice skating rink, but it’s the largest in the Southland and features a gigantic, family-friendly Christmas tree in the center. This year’s ice is very good, and the rink is decorated well for the holidays.

The rink at L.A. Live that provides ice skating for the L.A. Kings is back for its second year in a row. Guests can also enjoy skating around the dazzling Christmas tree that is in the center of the rink and taking in the holiday light show projected onto the large screens that surround the rink. Tickets are $25 and include a pair of skates. Fast passes for the rink are available in advance for $45. You can purchase these passes online by visiting www.labelalive.com. Supper and Skate specials are available for groups of 10 or more, at a number of LA Live restaurants.

Places To Holiday Ice Skate In Los Angeles

Westfield Century City & Santa Anita

Westfield Century City will host its first ever holiday skating rink at the mall. The rink features a 600-foot loop on an elevated surface that guests can use to get creative. The 600-foot loop is located on the second floor of Westfield Century City on the second floor and overlooks the atrium. Skate to holiday music and enjoy sipping champagne from specially themed drinks, capturing special moments on camera, and even enjoying surprise snow falls!

Ticket includes skate rental and one-hour session. There is no charge for storage of extra shoes or other personal items. Check-in for all sessions will take place at the Skate Chalet located on the lower level of the shopping center near Adidas. Guests must arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time, and show proof that they have purchased a ticket at the time of purchase. Tickets can be purchased at the gate for sessions that are not sold out. If you would like more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the Westfield Century City website.

Dodgers Holiday Festival

After last year’s holiday festivities in Lot 10, this year’s festivities at Dodger Stadium seem more exciting than ever. There will be more holiday décor and a bigger ice skating rink in the outfield. Ice skating costs an extra fee, and there are only a limited number of reservations available.

Holidays are in full swing at Dodger Stadium from November 26th through December 31st, and the event is free to all fans. This year, Dodger Stadium hosts a Holiday Festival that includes a rink where people can skate on ice, entertainment at night, photo opportunities with Santa, a gift shop selling holiday food, and many other activities. Tickets are available for the Holiday Festival online.

Downtown Burbank

Downtown Burbank welcomes back its outdoor ice skating rink for a festive season of skating, charity skating, and other festive activities.

Downtown Burbank will feature an ice rink at the city hall on the corner of Third Street and Orange Grove Avenue, where people can skate on the sidewalks and watch the lights. The rink is able to accommodate up to 165 people per session and promises skating, entertainment and fun during the holiday season. Little ones can rent giant inflatable seals that you can lean on while skating – perfect for some holiday photos! Skating classes are held on Saturday mornings. Parking is free throughout Downtown Burbank. Parking is free at all public buildings in Downtown Burbank.

Irvine Spectrum Center

If you’re in Orange County and want to spend Christmas with friends and family in the color blue, the Irvine Spectrum Center is the place to go.

This rink is right next to the giant wheel that Nordstrom offers, making it a great place to spend a day. After every 90-minute session, which costs $25 including rentals, the rink is closed for a resurfacing project so you won’t have to go out and walk on slush when you get home. Stay inside and ride the Ferris wheel when the rink is closed for a half-hour, when it opens and closes for a nonstop skating adventure.

Don’t Forget To Immortalize your Christmas With A Christmas Photo Album

Ice skating is one of the great things about Christmas. Especially in LA, where it’s usually pretty warm. However, if you don’t skate often and you’re going with a bunch of friends or family who you don’t see often. The likelihood is that you’ll be taking a lot of pictures. You can use these to make up a christmas photo album. You can fill it full of fun ice skating holiday pictures. You can gift them to others who you went ice skating with, along with other fun Christmas photos from Christmas day and other events you’ve attended over Christmas. It only happens once a year, but it’s important to make sure these memories stick and you can do that with a Christmas photo album.

See Haunted Houses Halloween Decorations In Los Angeles


Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to start thinking about getting ready for the spooky season. You can get ready by preparing the right decorations and looking for a haunted house in Los Angeles. They’re great places to visit when you want to get scared and have a good time.

A haunted house is a haunted place where you can visit and go through the houses that are decorated with spooky stuff. It is a good idea to go to such places because they can scare you. These places are designed in a way that will make you feel uneasy and even scared. They have special things such as noises, sounds, scary faces, and other things that will make you feel scared.

There are many haunted houses in Los Angeles that you can visit. The ones in the city are good for a group of friends to go together or for couples to have fun. You can also visit the ones in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica if you want to have a night out with your friends.

Toluca Lake

Bob Hope would bring guests full-sized candy bars and toys to guests who would be in his home all the time. If you’re a scary-minded person, you’re sure to want to get to know this neighborhood! Costumed people line the streets and surrounding houses to see the incredible lawn decorations that house some of the best houses in town!

Security personnel patrol the neighborhood at night to ensure that nothing happens to any crime-related businesses. The street lights are even turned down to allow costume designers to really come up with creative ideas! 

Angelino Heights

These beautiful Victorian mansions are perfect for giving your home that spooky feel, but they are also perfect for welcoming people who are very interested in watching TV shows and movies like Charmed and Salem’s Lot throughout the year!

If you look carefully, you’ll see the very house where Thriller’s legendary music video was recorded, and one year, a group of zombies even reenacted the famous dance moves! Walk over to Douglas Street to view some great Halloween decorations and to search for some fun haunts in your neighborhood.

See Haunted Houses Halloween Decorations In Los Angeles

Larchmont and Hancock Park

Some of the big houses in this area really are really gorgeous and are decorated wonderfully. If you want to go to Beverly Hills, then take a trip around the area around Beverly Hills and between Rossmore and Van Ness. You will also find a nice little pumpkin patch north of Larchmont, smack dab in the middle of Beverly and Melrose.

There are also some really nice streets that you can explore further west in Hancock Park. These beautiful neighborhoods are great places to stroll around and enjoy all the different styles of houses and architecture.

Beware the Dark Realm

The Dark Realm is a fantasy-themed Halloween event set in a medieval castle in the Chicago suburb of Woodstock. There are flickering torches, stone walls, torture chambers, feces-breathing creatures, and even a pyrotechnic snake.

Children under 10 are not allowed to participate, but if you are able to attend, it may help keep you safe. While attendance is free, all proceeds will go to local nonprofit SCV Domestic Violence Center. If you donate $10, you will get one of our front-of-line passes, which you can order online. Masks are required, people are told to remain away from others, and there is a hand sanitizer available for use. It’s free for all guests at this local mansion to go on a free Halloween haunt. And while it is available for people of all ages, it is not recommended that children under the age of 10 visit this haunted house tour.

Boney Island

Boney Island hosts haunted houses for everyone on Halloween night. The owners of Boney Island are very funny and that shows in the quirky houses on the tour. Boney Island hosts tours that feature interactive skeletons, giant swings, and other cool things.

The theme for Boney Island for 2015 is Enchanted Garden. Carnival music, skeleton dancing and pumpkin carvings are all part of the experience at this haunted house. This is a popular family-friendly Halloween place that encourages families to take pictures together.

The Haunted Shack

Torrance is a popular destination for people wanting to enjoy Halloween. Since 1997, families have been enjoying the Haunted Shack as a way to spend Halloween and make great memories. They will continue to monitor the laws that are in place for mazes that can be operated at their locations. They will also try to operate the mazes in a way that respects the laws that are in place for outdoor haunts.

The Haunted Shack offers families free admission to its maze-like structures, and the walk through the maze is not difficult, and it takes about 6 to 8 minutes to complete. Stay connected with this attraction by checking the website regularly for the most up-to-date information about participating events and times.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

It’s one of the largest Halloween parties in Los Angeles. The West Hollywood Halloween Festival is held every year on the night that West Hollywood becomes a city. It’s a free event that everyone can enjoy. People everywhere come to West Hollywood to dress up in great costumes, enjoy live entertainment, food and drink specials, and to have fun on the city’s patio.

The city expects to host 500,000 people, some from as far away as Hawaii. If you enjoy dancing with a lot of people, the WEHO Halloween Carnaval is for you.

Holiday Fantasies Come to Life

This family is putting on a great show for all the holidays! There aren’t any scary decorations in the house – which is great for families with children. They have a lot of cute stuffed animals, lots of holiday decorations and props, and much more. Get your cameras out! Check the website for the latest information about the holidays and what will be celebrated.

Summer Camps In Los Angeles


Summer camping is an exciting way to spend your summer days and nights. For those who love the outdoors, the summer is a time to explore the great outdoors and experience a completely different environment.

It’s a great way to spend time with friends and family members, enjoy a break from your daily routine, get away from everything for a while, and take in nature’s beauty. Summer camps offer many unique ways to enjoy this amazing environment. Camping gives you the opportunity to get away from technology for a while and enjoy yourself in a completely different setting.

Many summer camps also provide kids with entertainment during their stay such as concerts, sporting events, or other events that will keep them entertained. These are just some of the many reasons why camping is such a popular activity for children looking for an affordable summer activity that is also fun! Here are some of the best summer camps in Los Angeles:

Designer Camp

Designer Camp is the only program that offers creatives ages 11 to 17 the opportunity to come and live in a community of like-minded people and develop a personal design portfolio. Designer Camp’s mission is to provide young people with a community that encourages them to become creative and to explore the many creative career paths that exist.

Designer Camp is a place where students can learn new design skills from industry professionals. We also visit showrooms, design houses, and other design businesses. Designer Camp has a team of design industry professionals who are dedicated to mentoring our students and ensuring that they are supported throughout the summer and beyond. In the weeks that follow, students will work on creating their own design portfolios that they will be able to use even after the camp is over.

Summer Camps In Los Angeles

Camp Wildcraft Art and Nature Camp

Camp Wildcraft enables kids to be creative and curious, and helps them to feel at home in the wild. Camp Wildcraft is small by design and a place where kids can easily unplug from all the digital distractions and have fun while they connect with others. At one of our camps in Calabasas and Malibu, kids are empowered to discover their wild side and their hidden strengths.

Campers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun and creative activities such as theater, baking, sports, and more. Campers create big art projects, go on hikes and campouts, make small pouches to hold nature journals, build a fort from a fallen tree, and many other creative activities are offered. Campers can engage in a variety of fun and creative activities that include theater, baking, playing sports and other team building activities, and much more. Every day at camp is an opportunity for kids to be fully immersed in nature and discover the amazing things that happen in the wild places around us.

Teenage Drama Workshop

Teenage Drama Workshop, or TADW, offers teenagers aged eleven to eighteen the opportunity to nurture their skills in the art of theater. The TADW program has been a staple of California State University Northridge campus for over sixty years. They have a goal of teaching theater arts, on top of how important teamwork is. They do so through their theater-related classes and productions.

If you have kids who are interested in theater, you should consider TADW. You can find information about the program on their website and sign up for a class there. This is a great option for if you are looking for a fun, affordable, and unique summer activity that your kids will enjoy. It is especially great for kids who love theater and have an interest in performing arts.

Camp Wildfolk

Camp Wildfolk is a modern twist on traditional day camp that offers all the fun, freedom, and adventures of a camp that is like a summer sleepaway camp but without the cost or inconvenience of going to a summer camp. The camp day consists of daily rotations of children learning to be creative and expressive, exploring the world around them and building and maintaining healthy relationships with other children.

Campers make friends by working cooperatively on long-term group projects. This is just like what goes on at summer sleepaway camps. They have weekly night-ins, where campers stay the night for real!

Camp Wildfolk offers a fun, creative, safe camp experience for kids in Valley Village and West Hollywood. Wildfolk Day Camp is very unique; it combines both structure and freedom, with plenty of activities that will make kids really want to go wild. The fun, caring, and entertaining guides that Wildfolk staff provide are the reason why so many campers return year after year. Programs are available for children in grades 5 and 6, as well as a program for teens in leadership roles.

All-Girl Empowerment Summer Camp

If you are a woman who loves to empower others, then you will love the Empowerment Summer Camp for Girls. Each day, they will be introducing a woman who is remarkable from the past or the present and educating the campers about her life, leadership, and accomplishments.

They have fun doing many different fun activities, but they also plan on studying a specific topic that will be incorporated into our classes, games, workshops, and mat chats. Some of the special things that they will do are: self-defense training, entrepreneurship workshops, yoga, dance, meditation, water sports, core workout, and lots of outdoor fun and games.

Camp Woodcraft

Camp Woodcraft, one of the oldest camps in the United States, is celebrating its 100th summer at a beautiful location near Idyllwild, Calif. Kids from all over Los Angeles will have a chance to reconnect and disconnect, and to make new friends while experiencing the forest.

Lessons are delivered by highly qualified and experienced staff who know what it takes to teach children the basics of how to speak to families during a pandemic. Specialized activities that involve archery, rock climbing and other outdoor adventure activities allow children to go beyond their comfort zones to gain new skills and learn how to become friends.

Farms Strawberry Picking In Los Angeles


Strawberry picking is a very popular activity in Los Angeles and there are many farms that provide this service. Many people are interested in this activity and they enjoy the strawberry picking experience. People can choose the farm that they want to visit, but it is not necessary to do so. The price of strawberry picking varies from farm to farm.

When choosing a farm for strawberry picking, people should consider many factors before deciding which one to visit. They should consider whether or not the farm has a nice facility, whether or not it is located in a nice area, and if the cost of strawberry picking is reasonable.

Some people might be interested in visiting several farms to get different types of strawberries because each type has its own taste and flavor. It is best for people to choose a farm that provides strawberries from different regions as well as types of strawberries for their pickings because it will give them a wider variety of flavors. If you’re looking for a strawberry picking experience, then Los Angeles is the place to visit.

Tanaka Farms

Tanaka Farm is a working farm that has been producing berries that are as sweet as some of the best in the state. If you want to try some fresh strawberries, know that you can find them at the farm stand that is open every day.

When you book your tour on your company website, you can expect to take a tour of this working farm and then stop for a quick vegetable pick-up. Your tour will conclude at the Strawberry Fields. Tour guides will explain about the farm and the ways it was established to grow the juicy berries. Each guest will receive one pound of strawberries as part of their admission fee. If you picked some delicious strawberries, explore the barnyard and see some of the animals that live on this farm.

Underwood Family Farms

Underwood Family Farms is the place to go if you want to do more than just pick some strawberry bushes. You can experience several other farm attractions like horseback riding, archery, and even go on a guided tour of the animals. A fun ride on one of the beautiful farm wagons, a stop at the farm store to buy some honey and fresh cut flowers, and the opportunity to pick some fresh vegetables at the farm shop make this an all-day outing for many families. You can rent a wagon to haul your produce home from the fields or it can be hired to load it on a bus and bring it to your vehicle.

Children can go to Underwood Family Farms to experience farm life and take home a basket filled with delicious, locally grown berries. Some of the farm’s berries are harvested during the summer and used as a venue for summer camps. There are pumpkin patches in the fall and winter, and there are activities like an Easter visit and a feeding of baby ducks. You can plan a birthday party here year round.

Farms Strawberry Picking In Los Angeles

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

Garden Grove has been celebrating strawberries since it was first settled, more than 60 years ago. Garden Grove Strawberry Festival is a 3-day festival filled with rides, live music, contests, and a parade that features all things strawberry related. The festival takes place each year during Memorial Day Weekend. See our event calendar for specific dates. There are no U-pick strawberries this year, but plenty of strawberries are ripe and ready to be purchased.

Kenny’s Strawberry Farms

Kenny’s Farm makes picking strawberries easy and fun for all ages. First, and this is important, you must make your reservations online or by phone. When you arrive at the farm, you can pick your own strawberries, and then enjoy some delicious treats from the restaurant. You can pay for your basket when you arrive. Then, go to the ice cream shop! This means that the website and phone lines are updated daily to let you know if there are any changes in the weather or berry supply that will affect the hours that you pick strawberries.

Kenny’s Farm is only open from Friday to Sunday and they have plenty of ice cream available. Kenny’s Farm is also home to a terrific restaurant called Kenny’s Farm Kitchen. There are also strawberry cocktails and strawberry shortcake on the menu. You definitely won’t want to miss out on these delicious treats.

Kenny’s has been providing delicious strawberries to SoCal for over a decade. This year, if you can’t go to the farm without making a reservation, consider visiting Kenny’s Farm Kitchen for ice cream bars.

Carlsbad Strawberry Company

Carlsbad Strawberry Company is a family run farm that is excited to host your family and allow them to share the joy of strawberry picking with you. They have been farming for four generations and have a huge selection of strawberries. Their farm is amazing and the strawberry fields are amazing! Because of their passion for strawberries and their many years of experience, they are able to offer a wide variety of strawberries that are of the highest quality.

They can provide you with fields for your group to enjoy. They have nice fields for family outings, dates, field trips, team building, and so much more. Their strawberries are among the sweetest you can find, grown with love and passion. They give a generous helping hand to local schools, churches and other groups. We are always trying to give something back to the community and so we work with local schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations to make the community a better place.

Riley’s at Los Rios Rancho

Rileys at Los Rios Rancho is a family run operation that specializes in historic events and heirloom apple growing. They offer family-friendly and wholesome activities such as pick-up pumpkins and apples, horse drawn carriage rides, and more. They strive to create a welcoming atmosphere that is friendly and that resembles the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the early years. During the fall season, the farm offers a variety of activities including the chance to pick apples and pick pumpkins, go on horse drawn carriage rides, and make u-press cider.

Things To Do With Kids In Los Angeles To Celebrate Halloween


Halloween is the one night of the year when everyone is encouraged to dress up in some form or another. This is true for adults as well as children. Children love dressing up in costumes and running around, trick or treating, etc. However, there are many things that you can do with your kids in Los Angeles on Halloween to celebrate the holiday.

When you are a parent it can be difficult to find something fun for your child to do on Halloween. That is why we have put together this list of fun things that you can do with your kids in Los Angeles on Halloween. There are many different options that you have when it comes to things that you can do with your kids in Los Angeles on Halloween, but they all center around making sure that they have a good time while celebrating the holiday.

This article will discuss different ways that you can get your kids excited about Halloween and keep them busy while they are out celebrating the holiday.

Fright Fest

Six Flags Magic Mountain will bring the fright to visitors on November 22 at select dates. Enjoy seasonal shows, events and attractions that are fun for kids during the day. But once it starts to get dark, ghoulish characters will appear on the sidewalk at 7:00 p.m. while the kids are playing in the pumpkin patch and making Halloween decorations. Children can enjoy the special Halloween show when they walk along the trails of Looney Tunes, where they will be treated to tasty treats.

Fright Fest takes place on select dates throughout the month of November. Only children 12 and under are allowed to dress as if they were Halloween guests at Six Flags Magic Mountain. No masks, make-up or other scary costumes allowed. No masks, make-up or scary costumes are allowed at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Nights of the Jack

Nights of the Jack, the Halloween attraction that everyone in Los Angeles loves, is back for a 5th year running! It promises to be better and more spectacular than ever! Just outside Hollywood, there’s a mysterious place that everyone has been talking about for ages. This Halloween, they’re back and better than ever! The show will be better than ever! They’ve summoned jack o’ lanterns from all over the world and are working on a spooktacular light show to perfectly illuminate the sky!

What you see is not just an illusion, it is an experience. There will be plenty of food, and we’re sure that you won’t want to miss out on this sensory experience. Take a warm drink from our seasonal bar and spoil yourself with some of our deliciously delectable food. Follow the trails that take you through the ghost town of King Gillette Ranch, passing burning gourds everywhere you go. Make sure you bring your camera along because the park is absolutely breathtaking.

Things To Do With Kids In Los Angeles To Celebrate Halloween

Marina Spooktacular

Taking place in October, take part in this family-friendly festival that takes place from Oct. 26 to 27 at Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey. When it comes to Halloween activities, kids are allowed in the park, but when it comes time for nighttime events, the park turns into a sea of scary boats. Night tours of one of the city’s haunted ships are recommended for brave souls.

Daytime activities include a scavenger hunt in a cemetery, a maze in a forest where only demons can see, trick-or-treating, and other events that include food and dancing. Some of the fun events include a costume contest and a cultural dance. The Marina Spooktacular is free to enter; all activities are open to the public.

Haunted Little Tokyo

Haunted Little Tokyo invites all children to visit the cute district in a way that they have never experienced before. Halloween activities include visiting pumpkin patches, playing ghostly games, attending a free Okko’s Inn movie, and trick-or-treating. Halloween Pumpkin Patch is a free festival which takes place in late October at Japanese Village Plaza.

You can go visit a pumpkin patch that is run by a farm owned by the Japanese Pacific Islands Association and enjoy some local arts and crafts. Pumpkins are available at a range of prices, from $5 to $25, and kids can decorate their own pumpkins (or make their own, if they wish) while supplies last. On October 26, children will be able to trick or treat in Little Tokyo. Small businesses in the Plaza will hand out treats to children who dress up as well as give them candy.

Haunt O’ Ween

Every year, Haunt O’ Ween strives to be a fun, interactive, and of course, completely safe experience. Haunted House is being produced by a company that produces big, exciting experiences for people in the movies.

This event promises to be a kid-friendly, non-scary adventure full of amazing environments that will allow guests to share their experiences on social media and participate in vehicle video ops. We promise that there will be candy, too! And that there will be a pumpkin to take home.

Kidspace Children’s Museum

Pumpkin Festival is celebrating its 25th year at Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena. The festival is free to attend and includes a petting zoo, pony rides, carnival games and picnic food. It is a fun day of family fun at Brookside Park, right in front of the museum. Festival guests can enjoy a zoo, pony rides, bounce houses, carnival games and fall crafts.

Halloween costumes are encouraged and children can wear them during the festival. They will also be able to make their own Halloween crafts and go to the pumpkin patch to buy some decorations. Parents will love the kid-friendly activities at the festival, including a book and costume sale and tasty food at the picnic. Getting into the festival, parking and watching live music is free. Tickets are available to buy to participate in all the fun activities and to enjoy some of the delicious food. If your kid wants carved pumpkins, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Best Places To See Santa In Los Angeles


Christmas is a very important holiday for many people around the world. It is a time to get together with family and friends, and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Los Angeles is a great place to see Santa Claus in action. If you are planning on going to visit the city, here are some of the best places to see Santa Claus in Los Angeles.

Whether you’re traveling to the city for business or pleasure, the following places will allow you to get your Christmas wish of seeing Santa Claus in action.

Polar Express Train

This is the place to take a train ride on the iconic Polar Express with your family for a holiday experience that you will never forget! You will be able to ride the Polar Express in the comfort of your pajamas and enjoy one of the most unique experiences this side of the North Pole.

We will listen to the classic Christmas soundtrack as we take you on a nostalgic train ride that takes you to the North Pole to meet Santa. Show all of your season pass holders that you have purchased your tickets and sit back and relax while the cabaret performers serve hot chocolate and cookies. Santa and his elves arrive on the train and immediately start a big jingle! They also hand out gifts to good children!

Don’t forget your camera, because the fun will be endless! You must make your reservations as soon as possible as seats will sell out.

The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel

The resort will host the annual holiday auction of all kinds of beautiful surfboards. It’s an awesome two-day contest where competitors dress as Santa Claus or other holiday-inspired characters and compete on the surfboards. It’s not as fun as a traditional Santa photo, but it is still super cool. 

Cinema Under the Stars at Westwood Village

Cinema Under The Stars, an outdoor movie series that runs on a weekend, is back for its fourth year running this year. There will be two double features of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation showing. Events are free and open to the public. The screenings and festivities will take place on the weekend of December 7th between Weyburn and Kinross. Moviegoers are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets to relax on during this holiday season.

It will be fun to meet Santa Claus, take a holiday picture with him, and have a holiday themed photo booth. There will also be live music and a hot cocoa bar. Free admission for all guests. Pre-show event starts at 4pm. The movie starts promptly at noon. Rudolph will start at noon, and then Christmas Vacation will follow at 2:00 pm.

The Queen Mary

Best Places To See Santa In Los Angeles

Queen Mary Christmas invites everyone to share in the joy of the season at this special celebration. Start your holiday adventure by visiting North Pole Village by going ice skating, jumping on a train, or going on a carousel to experience more holiday fun. Walk along the waterfront and watch entertainers play on an outdoor stage. Have a drink and a sweet treat or libation while you admire the festive ship and all that it has to offer.

The festivities continue aboard the Queen Mary, where you’ll find Mrs. Claus reading stories to little ones and Ol’ Saint Nick hosting meet-and-greets with families. Mrs. Claus reading stories to children and Ol’ Santa Claus holding private meet-and-greets with guests at his Quarters. A 4D version of the Polar Express will be shown in the Queen Mary’s Theater during this special event. You get to smell hot cocoa and see snowflakes while you watch the movie.

Santa comes to visit guests on select Saturdays, and everyone enjoys a warm breakfast while they listen to him read a Christmas story. This event allows families to enjoy getting together and sharing special memories. Participants are given a hot breakfast and have a chance to meet and pose for pictures with Santa.

Westfield Century Mall

Kids can go on a special trip with Santa to the North Pole and meet him in his home. They can also go on an interactive adventure to meet him. You’ll enjoy getting snowfall as well as getting a photo with Santa himself.

If you want to snap a picture of Santa, you don’t have to hire a photographer; instead, you can capture a few photos with your smartphone or camera.

Ascott Hills Park

If you think waiting in line at a busy mall to get a picture with Santa Claus isn’t very jolly, think about trying something a little more unique. Join Santa and his helpers for a festive hike with the whole family at Ascott Hills Park in Los Angeles.

You can get some great photos of you and your family with Santa by walking around Ascott Hills Park and getting some fresh air and exercising to boot! Free parking and free entry, this is the perfect family event for everyone. It will give you and the family an opportunity to see the city for a full day. There are only a few tickets left, so make sure to get your tickets early! Afterwards, if you have some spare time, you can hang out at some of our favorite DTLA spots.


Santa Claus hangs out with the happy people of SoCal at the Redwoods Challenge Trail. It is not free to hang out with him, but it is certainly more fun to spend time with him than hanging out with the happiest people on the planet. Santa Claus is often seen at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, where he plays some games with the kids and takes photos with fans throughout the evenings until the early hours of Christmas Eve.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Meet Santa Diver at the New England Aquarium for a one-of-a-kind visit from Santa. You won’t be able to put your child on Santa’s lap, but you can watch him float around the enormous aquarium and have a chat with the other guests. All of these great gifts are included in the price of your Aquarium admission.