Best Shave Ice In Around Los Angeles

Shaved ice is a popular ice cream treat. Shaved ice is made by mixing water with ice and pouring it over a block of ice. This process is similar to the making of snow cones. Shaved ice is usually made from shaved ice, which is cubes of frozen water mixed with shaved ice and other ingredients. The blocks of shaved ice are usually square or rectangular in shape, but can be any shape you like.

Some common ingredients for shaved ice include syrup, chocolate syrup, sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, and more. There are many places around Los Angeles that offer different types of shaved ice that children can enjoy as a part of their regular treat meals throughout the year at different times. They’re perfect for when you are craving something sweet to eat or want to try something new. The best part about these places is that they offer the most unique flavors. You can find many different types of flavors, including some you have never tasted before.

Nobu Los Angeles

Kakigori was invented in the 11th century. It was first found as ice froze throughout the winter and was then put in ice houses and shaved when summer came to be turned into fancy desserts for nobles. Traditionally, you would top kakigori with an ivy sap-based syrup. Nowadays, however, fruit-based syrups are more easily found. Kakigori is made from real ice, not flavorful ice or flavored juices, and it tastes superb when drizzled with sweet syrup.

Although many kinds of kakigori are now available, the classic Japanese version is much more meticulous about finding just the right mix of ingredients. Nobu places great emphasis on using only the best water, and some even boast about the special water they use.

Shave It

You will find some fantastic ice cream at this little shop in Norwalk. The ice is so perfectly shaped it is more like Japanese kakigori than a more coarsely seasoned American snow cone.

There are a few more different flavors to choose from if you want to try something really different. You can get a Nintendo Crash with lime and cherry, or a Tropical Swell with macadamia nut ice cream. You can keep it simple using only one or two flavors of ice cream, to show how wonderful the ice is.

Class 302

Taiwan has leveled the playing field by inventing shaved snow. It’s made by freezing condensed milk and then shaving it into thin ribbons. It’s made by putting cold milk that’s been flavored with flavors like green tea or mango in a large pot and then shaving it into thin ribbons. You can add fresh fruits, sweetened condensed milk, mochi, cookies or other sweet treats to make it delicious. Class 302 in Los Angeles and Orange counties was one of the first places in Southern California to get Taiwanese shaved snow. It offers flavors like green tea and mango, and even delicious cookies and cream.

Best Shave Ice In Around Los Angeles

Class 302, a shaved-ice store, was first opened in a Rowland Heights strip mall, but the business has since expanded to Cerritos and Irvine. It is actually a thin, flaky ice which is flavored like green tea and mango and given to a group of teenagers as a snack. They also offer flavored milkshakes, such as green tea or mango, for customers. Some employees love to top their snow with a few pieces of fresh fruit, sweetened condensed milk, mochi, rich red beans, sweet pudding or some other sweet item.

Big Island Eats and Shave Ice

Big Island Eats and Shave Ice is a local establishment that opened up at a large department store in Palos Verdes. It’s easy to find everything on their menu, from kalua pork to musubi to shaved ice, and you can even order one of their delicious shakes. All of the syrups that they make are made in-house, like fresh passion fruit and guava. They also make a pretty sweet-smelling syrup from sugar cane. It’s hard to find things on the market like melon bars and chi chi dango.

At Big Island Eats and Shave Ice, you can choose between two to five flavors, and you can add some extra toppings if you’d like. You can try one of their incredible Shave Shakes, which are made with real milkshake ingredients. They make their own shaved ice shakes, which are an amazing dessert. The shakes are layered with homemade, real fruit syrup and ice cream.

Mr. Coffee

Bing Soo is a Korean ice cream special that’s served at this coffeehouse across the street from the Wiltern Theater. The space is open to the public and features a brick-style fireplace, brown leather banquettes, and comfortable chairs.

The bingsoo dessert at this joint is served in generous portions that are ideal for sharing. It is a giant bowl of ice cream, banana slices, kiwis, red beans, whipped cream, fruity pebbles and more. Stir and enjoy this slushy pink dessert made from shaved ice and pink fruit. If you want to add more ingredients to your drink, you can get drinks made with things like strawberry, ice cream, or coffee.


Okrumong is a bingsoo specialty store that sells all types of ice cream. They have a branch in Torrance, but we’d recommend the one in Koreatown’s Serrano Marketplace. It is a large, open space with a lot of white and wood walls, but the food is served in the open kitchen area.

Their black snow bowl features fluffy ice cubes with black sesame and sweetened condensed milk, and there are golden spoons to help you eat it. Other popular choices include the gold snow bowl and the OG snow bowl.

Final Thoughts

Shaved ice is the perfect dessert for people who like sweet, creamy treats. It’s also good for sharing with friends and family. If you like the frozen dessert, then you should try hitting up one of these LA joints! You’ll be sure to have a great time. Make sure to check out the rest of our blog to find other great Los Angeles hotspots.

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