Best Resale Shops In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is among the leading cities in this country. It has an enormous population base and a huge number of people that are constantly moving from one city to another every year. One of the best things you can find in Los Angeles is a top-quality resale shop.

What is a resale shop? Well, it’s a place where you can find clothing and other items that are used or have been worn. It is also a good place to find accessories, furniture, home decor items, electronics, and other things that are used but not new.

This article will educate you about the best resale shops in Los Angeles; how they work; what kind of products they sell; and more. So sit back and enjoy this wonderful guide!

What are the Best Resale Shops in LA?

There are two kinds of resale shops: consignment stores and thrift stores. They both buy used goods for resale purposes. However, there can be differences between them regarding their appearance as well as prices for items sold. Basically, thrift stores are not for profit, and usually sell donated items. In comparison, resale shops allow you to sell your preloved items, though at a considerably lesser price than you originally bought them.

Either way, both are great ways for people looking to find pre-owned items. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself a designer piece of work, even! Here are some of the best resale shops in LA:


This Decades boutique opened in 2011. They aim to offer preloved but almost new items from iconic designers and offering unique couture dresses and Chanel pieces that are often hard-to-find. Co-owners Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos have a discerning eye, and they personally oversee the curation of vintage items and any other trinkets.

It would be impossible to list all of Los Angeles’ best consignment stores without including Decades. Decades is one of Los Angeles’ iconic second hand stores, famous for its incredible selection of designer clothes and gorgeous dresses you’ll want to try on for your next big photo shoot.


Trove is a store that sells trendy clothing, home goods and collectibles. You’ll find beautiful items for much less than retail prices. If you want to consign any of your own items, just check out the useful items they have for sale on their website.

Trove is exactly what it claims to be: A great place to shop for all kinds of tasteful and trendy things. Trove is a great place to find and shop for new and preloved items, be it clothes, home goods, art pieces, jewelry, and much more.

Best Resale Shops In Los Angeles

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Mark your calendars! You only get one chance every month to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. This market has everything. In particular, they only open on the second Sunday of every single month. Despite this tight schedule, they feature over 2,500 vendors and welcome an average of 20,000 customers for each event. Their vendors sell anything from clothes, to home goods, to antiques, to art pieces. However, it’s all totally vintage! With entry fees marked at just $10 you can make a day out of shopping and head over to the flea market with some friends to hunt for some unique treasures.

If you’re someone who enjoys spending a day just hunting down the perfect vintage goods, then make sure to spare some time from your LA trip to go down to this flea market. When you’re tired from walking, there’s lots of F&B stalls to keep you energized.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange has locations nationwide and has five stores in the Los Angeles area. They offer unbeatable deals on clothes and jewelry, many of which are designer brand. Buffalo Exchange is unique in that people buy, sell, and trade clothes and other accessories locally with other customers.

This thrift store has everything that you need to look great while staying in style. When you come in to trade in clothes that you no longer wear, they take items that are in fashion right now, and so you can be sure that you’ll find some treasures here. Buffalo Exchange has three stores in the Los Angeles area, so people from all over the country flock to the store each month to steal some bargain clothes. You should make sure to call before coming to sell clothes, so that you’ll be sure they’re available for it.


What’s better than saving the earth and getting some pretty clothes at the same time? At Crossroads, you can sell or trade old clothes for cash or store credit to buy new clothes. It’s an urban clothing chain that allows you to sell what you own for money or use store credit to buy new clothes.

They’ve been in business for 30 years and their philosophy is very sustainable. Crossroads stores and offices use eco-friendly cleaning products and supplies; clothing that is damaged or donated to them is either recycled or donated to a charity.

Each of the store locations in Los Angeles varies greatly depending on which part of the city of angels you live in. There are two locations in West Hollywood: one is in the Santa Monica area, and the other is in Melrose. Many of the people who live in West Hollywood are very well dressed, and they bring shopping bags full of old clothes. So, this place is a must-visit if you’re passionate about curating thrifted goods.

How to Pick the Right Resale Shop

There’s a lot of information on the Internet regarding where to buy and sell preloved items. However, that still doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find the right resale shop for your needs. As a general rule of thumb, you have to make sure that you go online and check out their website before going over there to see what they offer. If it’s an old-school type of place, it would be best if you call them first and ask about their prices for various kinds of items so that you won’t get scammed when buying from them.

Mackenzie likes collecting vinyl records (when she can find them), along with Batman memorabilia. She also loves visiting thrift shops to find those great fashions from the LA area! When she’s not writing about Los Angeles and looking for songs from the past, Mackenzie enjoys spending time in her garden, where she grows organic fruits & vegetables, along with flowers that are beloved by butterflies and hummingbirds.

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