Best Filipino Restaurants In Los Angeles

There are many great Filipino restaurants in Los Angeles, and this list is designed to help you find the best ones. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or a more formal dining experience, these restaurants will have something for you.

Note: This list is not exhaustive, and it is by no means a guarantee that any of the restaurants on this list will be your favorite. Rather, it is intended as a starting point for your exploration of Filipino cuisine in Los Angeles.

Ninong’s Pastries & Cafe

Ninong’s Pastries & Cafe is a popular Filipino restaurant in the Hollywood area. The restaurant is decorated with traditional Filipino artwork and has a warm and inviting atmosphere. Ninong’s offers a variety of Filipino dishes, including lumpia, pancit, and adobo chicken.

You may expect a variety of prices at Ninong’s, but the quality of the food is always worth it. If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable meal, Ninong’s is a great option.

Lilian’s Bread and Sweets

If you are looking for a delicious and affordable meal, Lilian’s Bread and Sweets is a great option. The restaurant is located in the Northridge area of Los Angeles, and it offers a variety of Filipino dishes, including the popular adobo chicken.

Sweets, bread, and chicken all come together at Lilian’s Bread and Sweets, making for a delicious and affordable meal. Go there for a quick and easy meal, or stay for a longer meal and enjoy the atmosphere.

Bamboo Bistro

Take your family to Bamboo Bistro for a delicious meal. This restaurant has a variety of dishes that will please everyone in your party, from the youngest child to the most experienced eater. Plus, the setting is perfect for a family outing – the restaurant is brightly lit and comfortable.

Bamboo Bistro is perfect for a casual meal with friends, and it’s also a great place to take your parents. The restaurant has a casual atmosphere, and the staff is friendly and welcoming.


Tatang is a restaurant that specializes in Filipino cuisine. The restaurant has a casual atmosphere, and the menu features dishes such as chicken adobo, sinigang na baboy, and chicken masala.

You might have heard of Tatang before, as the North Hollywood location has been featured on several TV shows and in movies. Tatang is a great place to go for a casual meal, and the staff is friendly and welcoming.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Los Angeles

Arko Foods International

You can find almost anything at Arko Foods International, from classic Filipino dishes like adobo chicken and lechon kawali to more innovative options like the pad thai waffle. The market-style setting is perfect for grabbing a quick meal, and their expansive menu ensures that there is something for everyone.

Little Ongpin

If you’re looking for a sophisticated dining experience, Little Ongpin is the place to go. The restaurant is known for its innovative Filipino cuisine, and the chefs are passionate about their work.

Little Ongpin’s stir-fried noodles are a must-try, and the restaurant also offers a variety of other dishes, including pork belly with lychee sauce and pan-fried chicken with garlic and ginger.

Oi Asian Fusion

In Long Beach, Oi Asian Fusion is a popular choice for those looking for a quick and affordable meal. The restaurant is small but busy, and the menu features a variety of dishes, including teriyaki chicken and crispy pork belly.

Oi Asian Fusion is also known for its excellent adobo sauce, which is used in many of the restaurant’s dishes. You won’t be disappointed if you visit Oi Asian Fusion.

Kuya Lord

Kuya Lord is a casual Filipino restaurant in Los Angeles. The restaurant has a modern and sleek design, and the menu features a variety of dishes that are both traditional and modern. This is a great place to go for a casual meal with friends.

You can enjoy dishes like the pork adobo, the lechon kawali, and the sinigang na baboy. Kuya Lord is also a great place to go for brunch, as the menu features items like the lechon benedict and the sinigang na bangus.

Tagalog Takeover

If you’re looking for a casual meal, Tagalog Takeover is the perfect place. The restaurant is casual and affordable, and the food is delicious. The menu features dishes from all over the Philippines, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to your taste.

From meats and seafood to rice and noodles, Tagalog Takeover has something for everyone. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, so there’s always a chance that you’ll be able to find a table.

Tips for Finding the Best Filipino Restaurants in Los Angeles

Look for restaurants with a diverse menu

Not all Filipino restaurants serve the same dishes, so it’s important to find one that offers a variety of options. You’ll be able to find dishes like chicken adobo, lechon kawali, and sinigang na baboy.

Consider the price point

Some of the best Filipino restaurants in Los Angeles are affordable, while others are a bit more expensive. It’s important to find a restaurant that fits your budget.

Ask around for recommendations

If you don’t have any specific ideas about where to go, ask your friends or family for their favorite Filipino restaurants in Los Angeles. They may be able to steer you in the right direction.

Go during lunch or dinner

Both lunch and dinner are good times to visit a Filipino restaurant, as the menu will be more diverse and the atmosphere will be more relaxed.

Be prepared to try new things

If you’re not sure what you want to order, ask the restaurant staff for suggestions. They will be more than happy to help you out.

Be prepared to eat with your hands

Most Filipino restaurants in Los Angeles serve food with your hands, so it’s important to be prepared for that. If you’re not comfortable doing that, be sure to ask the restaurant staff if they can bring the food to your table.

Enjoy the culture and the food

If you’re looking for a great experience, don’t forget to enjoy the culture and the food. This is a special cuisine, after all.

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